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JLPT level 1 entries

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The checked column refers to whether or not an entry has been verified for accuracy. -1 and -2 entries still need to be reviewed, so feel free to do so...

Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
GR(de)sura 〜(で)すらjust / even if1210
GR(yo)uga,(yo)uto (よ)うが, (よ)うと ようが ようと"even if", "no matter what" (people say etc.), strong expression that contains the idea of concession150
GR(yo)uto~mai, (yo)uga~mai (よ)うと〜まい, (よ)うが〜まい, ようと〜まい, ようRegardless of whether or not140
GRarebakoso あればこそparticularly thanks to17-1
GRarumajiki あるまじきIt's not proper130
GRatteno あってのThanks to (various things), (outcome)170
GRbakarini ばかりにbecause (of a negative thing); simply because; simply on account of170
GRbekarazaru 〜べからざるmust not; cannot150
GRbeku 〜べくFor the purpose of; To ____, In order to150
GRbuchouhou 不調法 or 無調法A rudeness or blunder, carelessness120
GRclose_actions Advanced proximity of actionsAdvanced proximity of actions (が早いか、や否や、そばから)100
GRdani 〜だにEven; just112-1
GRdeare 〜であれNo matter what; Even if; No matter how180
GRdeare~deare 〜であれ〜であれWhether X or Y; A structure that means "no matter which one is the case"160
GRdehaarumaishi ではあるまいし"It's not as if" giving a reason why something should not be how it is130
GRdenakute-nandarou 〜でなくてなんだろうIf thats not ... I don't know what is130
GRdenakuteha でなくてはif not.. then noone180
GRdonna どんなWhatever; whoever, etc.170
GRdoumo どうもapparently, naturally17-1
GRdouyara どうやらit seems, apparently, somehow1140
GRevaluation-group わりに・にしては・向きにfor150
GRfuto ふとsuddenly, by coincidence124-1
GRgachi がちtend to1190
GRgahayaika 〜が早いか as soon as19-1
GRgasaigo 〜が最後If s.o. does s.t for even a moment, the following result will necessarily occur • Once someone starts something, the person can’t stop it160
GRgatera がてらwhile doing something and taking advantage of that opportunity to do something else14-1
GRgotoki,gotoku,gotoshi ごとき, ごとく, ごとしLike, As if; resembelence, analogy, similarity1160
GRhaiumademonaku は言うまでもなくgoes without saying/not to mention1210
GRhakadoru はかどる (捗る)Make progress140
GRhaoroka 〜は愚か・〜は疎かlet alone B; not to mention; of course A but also B; 1110
GRhatashite 果たしてreally, as was expected170
GRhitori-dakedenaku,hitori-nominarazu ひとり〜だけでなく, ひとり〜のみならずnot only (A) but also (B)170
GRikan いかん (如何)based on116-1
GRikanaru-demo いかなる〜でも (如何なる〜でも)whatever ~160
GRikanimo いかにもseems (but is not); indeed1190
GRikanniyorazu いかんによらずwithout regard to140
GRImada ni 未だにStill, yet150
GRimagoroninatte 今ごろになって ~もit's already too late170
GRimakaraomoeba 今から思えばLooking back on it now140
GRimasara-tatokorode 今さら〜たところでit's already too late, It's no use doing s.t. now150
GRirai 依頼Request or commission110
GRirarenai 居られないcannot exist, not possible, can't afford to13-1
GRitadaku 頂くto receive (polite)150
GRitasu 致すto do (humble)120
GRkaketa かけたstarted but not finished1130
GRkanete 兼ねてcombine with151
GRkanogotoku かのごとくas if130
GRKansai Dialect 関西弁Kansai Dialect100
GRkarasuruto-2 からするとfrom (the point of view)110-2
GRkaroujite 辛うじてbarely180
GRkatagata かたがた(旁)at the same time, incidentally;doing something while fulfilling different purposes at the same time130
GRkatawara かたわらbesides doing a main thing, one is also involved in another activities.17-1
GRkatawara 〜かたわら (傍ら)not only, ...also (This expression is only used in writing)17-1
GRkawakirini かわきりに, 皮切りにbeginning of, starting with160
GRkigatsuita 気が付いたI realized14-1
GRkiraigaaru きらいがあるthere is a tendency for ~ to happen (and it is somewhat bad and/or a cause for concern)130
GRkiwamarinai/ kiwamaru 極まりない/ 極まるunlimited, extremely, boundlessly13-1
GRkoreijyou-ba これ以上〜ばif ~ any more than this140
GRkotonashini ことなしにIn examples such as "Without A, I can't do B" where, without Action A, there is no possibility of B130
GRkototote こととてbecause/since - explains the cause or gives a reason for 160
GRkousyou 交渉getting the right terms1105-1
GRmadashimo まだしもwould be much better, would be acceptable140
GRmademonai までもないNo need to1110
GRmajiki 〜まじきnot likely130
GRmamire まみれ (塗れ)covered in st (名詞+に+まみれる); (名詞+まみれ)160
GRmasaka まさかincredible!150
GRmasakano まさかの〜If unexpectedly there is anything , 〜170
GRmashite ~ hazuganai まして〜はずがないit is even more unlikely that 〜120
GRmeku めくlike / ish130
GRmiseru みせるam determined to150
GRmonowo ものをBut...! / But If (you) had just... / But (I) could have...170
GRmosarukotonagara もさることながら (も然る事乍ら)is (such) but (____) is also190
GRnagaramo ながらもNotwithstanding, even while, even though, as she was1110
GRnagarani ながらにsince (A) started, it has been continuously in the same state1100
GRnaimademo ないまでもexpressing the speaker's feeling that although an ideal action or state isn't possible, at least the next best action or stat is or should be available140
GRnakushite なくしてIf it wasn't for...160
GRnaradeha ならではunless / impossible if it's not / only possible with/by/at/etc / very difficult by any other~,1100
GRnaraizashirazu ならいざ知らずI'm not sure if it is [possible/so] but...130
GRnaratomokaku ならともかくI'm not sure if it is [possible/so] but...120
GRnari なりAs soon as160
GRnari2 なりexpresses continuing state120
GRnarini なりにin one's own way, one's own style1160
GRnari~nari 〜なり〜なりeither.... or....160
GRnashini なしにwithout (the thing "without" is s.t. that should naturally have been there)180
GRni ataranai に あたらないno need to do so130
GRni koshita koto ha nai ga 〜に越したことは無いがNormally Its better to (You can never have too much)150
GRniatte にあってbeing in/due to/suited to1130
GRnihikikae にひきかえin sharp contrast with; compared to180
GRniitaru に至るleads to, all the way to, as far as1110
GRniitatte に至ってOnce [things have] reached the point at which...; (Only) now that it has come to this...150
GRnikakawaru に関わるBrings about an effect on; relates to; a matter of1120
GRnikatakunai 〜に難くないnot hard to ...(名詞+にかたくない/ Vる+にかたくない)120
GRnikurabete 〜に比べてcompared to1130
GRnimomashite にもましてabove everything; more than before180
GRnishite 〜にしてonly; because of that14-2
GRnisokushite に即してin line with, in keeping with1150
GRnisoutousuru に相当するequivalent1130
GRnitaenai1 〜にたえないcannot stand; cannot do; no value to170
GRnitaenai2 〜堪えないEmphasizing a strong emotional reaction either good or bad130
GRnitaeru 〜にたえるhas value; it is worth doing140
GRniyoruto によるとaccording to1110
GRniyotte によってby; according to; due to; owing to; due to1120
GRnoitari 〜の至りcompletely; utmost150
GRnokiwami の極みthe utmost170
GRocha wo nigosu お茶を濁すto avoid giving a direct answer100
GRothergrammar Some Other GrammarSome Other Grammar (思いきや、がてら、あげく)100
GRppanashi 〜っぱなし (〜っ放し)Keep ~ing / To leave ~140
GRrokuni ろくに〜ない(not) much, barely140
GRsanagara さながらJust like190
GRsasuga さすが (流石)as expected, after all160
GRseiippai 精一杯as hard as possible140
GRseizei せいぜい (精精)my utmost, at most112-1
GRSeme ni (or Noun-Zeme ni) 攻めにOverwhelmingly130
GRsemete せめてat least, at most a small thing110-2
GRsengatame せんがためIn order to do140
GRshimatsuda 始末だUnfortunately, (it has become ~)140
GRsobakara そばから, 傍からas soon as, right after120
GRsobireru 〜そびれるFail to ~120
GRSorekkiri それっきりSince, since then130
GRsoremadeda 〜それまでだConveys the idea that if something occurs, then a bad end is reached.150
GRsukini 隙にWhile 〜 To take advantage of a moment of time to do something (there is an element of cunning in its meaning)140
GRtadadesae 唯でさえTo add to, something alone is normally enough140
GRtada~nominarazu ただ〜のみならずNot only ~ (but also ~); not only that. Used in comparison, juxtaposition, and analogy - literary language. Formal, written.130
GRtakadaka たかだか (高高)At most13-1
GRtaritomo たりともEven only / Even merely / Even just160
GRtehairarenai / tebakarihairarenai 〜てはいられない・〜てばかりはいられないcan't / can't afford 〜(doing something)120
GRtehajimete て初めてnot until, only after180
GRtekaratoiumono てからというものEver Since s.t. changed120
GRtoaimatte と相まってCoupled with, together with140
GRtoareba 〜とあれば"if it happens to be" • since it is a special condition130
GRtoatte とあってBecause ~; ~ as expected; because ~, naturally ~; Introduces an expected reason for some circumstance that is different from the usual situation.140
GRtohaie とはいえAlthough it is said that, even though it is said, admitting that, that being said, however, nevertheless190
GRtoiedomo といえどもeven, although, though, even though150
GRtoii~toii 〜といい〜といいIn terms of both ~ and ~; in terms of ~ as well as ~; from the perspective of both ~ and ~140
GRtoittaranai と言ったらないThere's no way to express...120
GRtoiwanbakarini と言わんばかりにas if to say170
GRtokorowo ところをdespite a certain time / despite a certain situation130
GRtomonaku;tomonashini 〜ともなく,〜ともななしにWithout really planning to, ~ A phrase indicating that the subject does s.t. without paying much attention or that when, where, to whom, etc. s.t. took place is unclear.1120
GRtomonaruto ともなるとWhen it comes to (special situation), Naturally, (X) follows130
GRtonikaku とにかくin any case, anyway190
GRtoomoikiya と思いきや"thought so, but" OR, "would have thought so/imagined, but didn't"150
GRtoshitatokorode toshitatte nishitatokorode ~としたところで, ~としたって, ~にしたところでeven if, though150
GRtosuru とするassume, regard X as ~ , suppose170
GRtsu~tsu 〜つ〜つUsed to express passive and active actions happening at once.190
GRukkari うっかりcarelessly, without thinking1100
GRwarini(wa) 割りに(は)comparatively; very...100
GRwo kagiri ni 〜を限りにwith 〜, some continuing activity will end (or a prohibition on an activity will start)130
GRwo kinjienai を禁じ得無いcan't help feeling150
GRwo oite 〜をおいて (を措いて)apart from/leaving aside160
GRwomonotomosezuni 〜をものともせずにIn the face of, in defiance of, in spite of18-1
GRwomotte1 〜をもって (を以て)at (time / moment)130
GRwomotte2 〜をもって (を以て)By means of, via, through - method by which you do / achieve something140
GRwoyosoni 〜をよそに (を余所に)Without consideration for... / Despite... / Without thinking...140
GRyainaya や否やjust as soon as1150
GRyamanai やまない (止ま無い・已ま無い)not to stop130
GRyamuwoenai やむをえない (已むを得無い)no other way to do something しかたがない120
GRyasakini 矢先にJust as one is about to start doing something120
GRyounimonai ようにも〜ないeven though ~ try / want to ~; although ~ be thinking of doing; A conjunctive phrase that indicates concession: "even though s.o. tries to do s.t., he/she cannot do it for some reason"150
GRyueni 故に, 故のDue to, therefore (formal, written)130
GRzukume 〜尽くめFull of / A lot of170
GRzumogana ~ず もがなVn, As well not to ~130
GR~KosoSuRe [~nai/arimasen] Only [A] is ever happens, NEVER [B].100


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