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JLPT level 3 entries

Rows highlighted in yellow are those that are saved in your personal study list

The checked column refers to whether or not an entry has been verified for accuracy. -1 and -2 entries still need to be reviewed, so feel free to do so...

Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
GRadvanced -Advanced Topics300
GRageru 上げるto do something for someone else390
GRamari nai あまり + 動詞(否定形)not very, not much319-1
GRamari-2 あまりnot really37-1
GRattoiuma あっと言う間In a flash, before one knows it, in a blink of an eye, in no time, flash by, (time) flies380
GRau 合うVm, verb~together, mutually380
GRbakari-2 ばかりjust (just recently) / nothing but3180
GRbeki べきshould do Vru380
GRcasual Casual Patterns and SlangCasual Patterns and Slang300
GRCausative せる・させるmake, let (someone do something)330
GRdai 〜だい? (for casual questions)340
GRdarou だろうis, would be, probably is; isn't it?3160
GRdasu dashite dashita 出す、出して、出したto pay, to place, to issue, to stick out, to put forth, to serve340
GRde, ni, mae で・に・前 time and place prepositions at in on3140
GRdearou であろうI guess, wonder, probably, isn't it? 35-1
GRdearu であるTo be, is (formal equivalent of だ [da])340
GRdouse どうせafter all; eventually; at best35-1
GRdoushitemo どうしてもabsolutely, surely, by all means, no matter what, at any cost; after all320
GReba 条件形if3100
GRga suru がするto affect the senses (to taste, to smell of, to feel like, to give the sensation of etc.)340
GRgaru がるAb ~seems (of somebody else's emotions & desires)3100
GRha-2 〜は'ha (wa)' used to indicate contrast360
GRhakanai 儚いhopeless, fleeting, transient, fickle39-1
GRhazu believe that it is so; expect that it is so; it is supposed to be so323-1
GRhodo-2 ほど-2to the extent of; to the extent that ~; (not as) ~ as ~ ; about [REL. bakari; kurai] 340
GRhonorhum -Honorific and Humble Forms300
GRhoshii が欲しいN, to want something (desirative)314-1
GRhotondo ほとんど (殆・殆ど)most of / rarely340
GRhouga 方が(often it'd be better to do __) Such-and-such an option is something370
GRHow to write a Japanese letter 日本語の手紙の書き方Grammar points for writing in Japanese300
GRJaki 邪気Malice, bad feeling300
GRka shira. かしら。I wonder if... (A type of question mark)320
GRka-2 〜かwhether, the question of (sub sentence question)370
GRkadouka かどうかwhether, if3110
GRkai. かい。(A type of question mark)300
GRkana 〜かなI wonder.. (Based on か question particle.)350
GRkanousei 可能性Existence of possibility350
GRkata -方how to _____, way to _____, 330
GRkininaru 気になるthinking about, concerned about, worried about330
GRkonna こんなsuch; this; like this; this; of this kind319-1
GRkoto ni naru ことになるit has been decided/arranged that320
GRkotode ことでby doing this (meant to highlight a method or means)320
GRkotonisuru ことにするDecide to do something320
GRkurabemononinaranai 比べものにならないthere is no point comparing....370
GRkurai, gurai くらい、ぐらい (位)to the extent that; so ~ that ~ almost ~; at least; the only ~; rather than ~ 370
GRkureru くれる (呉れる)to give me, to do for me, I was given 3120
GRmadeni までにby __[day, date, time, etc.]__320
GRmaeni 前にbefore [action]331
GRmama as it is, leave as it is, (remain) unchanged370
GRmitai みたいlooks like360
GRmorau 貰うto get312-1
GRna 〜な(particle used with na-adjectives)330
GRna-2 〜なVru, (negative command - sentence ending particle)370
GRnaa なあ、な〜、なAdds emphasis - sentence ending particle; Emphasizes personal desires350
GRnado 〜などand etc.350
GRnaka, ue, shita, etc. 〜中に、〜上に、〜下に、などTalking about relative location of an object380
GRnakereba narimasen なければなりませんmust ____; really should _____; it won't do if you don't ____.320
GRnanoni 〜なのにbut, although (contrast, surprising)3210
GRnara ならif3100
GRnaru なるUsed much like the な of na-adjectives - somewhat archaic.320
GRnasai なさいInformal Imperative (request form)350
GRnashi なしwithout320
GRnihanshite に反してagainst, contrary to3220
GRnikagitte に限ってof all the ... / especially / only / just3150
GRnikui にくいIs diffcult to do370
GRninaru になるTo become34-1
GRnisuru-2 にするTo decide on, to choose320
GRnitotte にとってto; for317-1
GRnitsuite についてregarding, about315-2
GRno da のだexplanation320
GRno-2 〜のTurn a phrase ending in a verb into a 'noun phrase'350
GRno-3 〜の? (sentence ending particle - question) [F]3130
GRnoni-2 のにin order to, to350
GRpassive 〜れる・〜られるpassive verb ending310-1
GRpolite 礼儀正しい Polite Form and Verb Stems (〜です、〜ます)300
GRrashii らしいseem, look like, apparently, I heard370
GRsaseru させるmake, let someone do something390
GRsekkaku せっかくwith effort350
GRshi and380
GRshimau しまう (仕舞う・終う・了う)Vte, (Definitely, completely [often to ones regret] do V)330
GRshould Things that should be a certain wayThings that should be a certain way (はず、べき、べく、べからず)300
GRshould do/better to/ought to/have to するべき・ほうが良い・しなければならないyou should300
GRsigns Showing signs of somethingShowing signs of something (〜がる、ばかり、〜めく)300
GRsimilar 類似Various ways to express similarity and hearsay (よう、〜みたい、〜そう、〜そうだ、〜らしい、〜っぽい)300
GRsono mama no kotoba そのままの言葉Set expressions or phrases350
GRsou そうVm, Looks like380
GRsugiru すぎるtoo; too much; excessively3110
GRtai たいVm, wanting to do ___340
GRtame In order to, because of, for370
GRtara たらif, when (verb form)3150
GRtari suru form たり する formdoing things like V+ing390
GRte 〜て([verb]-te, connects two sentences)3100
GRtearu て形+ある (て在る・て有る)Vte something has been purposely put into a state340
GRtehaikenai て形+はいけない (ては行け無い)you shouldn't, one should not314-1
GRteiru て形+いる (て居る)Vte (Continuing states, experience, repetative events)/ doing currently320
GRtekuru て形+くる (て来る)Vte go, do something, and return340
GRtemiru て形+みる (て見る)to try (out)340
GRtendency TendenciesTendencies (〜がち、〜つつ、きらいがある)300
GRteshimau て形+しまう (て仕舞う・て終う・て了う)wind up ____ing, end up ___ing, finish ____ing313-1
GRto 〜と(on when) doing, if390
GRto douyou と同様the same way as, as well as310
GRtoiukotodesune ということですね (と云う事ですね)your message is that ...310
GRtoki 〜時when331
GRtokoro ところplace, time, occasion350
GRtokoro de ところで (所で・処で)by the way360
GRtoomou 意向形と思うI think I will (do)310-1
GRtotemo ~ nai とても〜ないCan`t possibly320
GRtotomoni と共にas well as; with; along with; at the same time; when; as; while310-1
GRtsumoridatta 積もりだったI had the intention to do (but I didn't)39-1
GRtsuzukeru 続けるkeep on doing ...37-1
GRverb stem + dasu/dashita ~出すbegin/start...360
GRwa 〜わ(adds emphasis) [female]33-1
GRwake meaning; reason; circumstances3120
GRwo-2 〜をarea passed through (通過点)340
GRwo-3 〜を(marks point of departure) 出発点340
GRwokiita を聞いたI heard3110
GRyasui やすいeasy to V38-1
GRyatto やっとfinally33-1
GRyo 〜よ! (exclamation mark, add emphasis, denote new information being imparted)340
GRyori よりthan, rather than370
GRyori-2 よりmore ____330
GRyotei 予定be planning to do~330
GRyou ようappearance, looks, seems340
GRyouniiu ように言うV, To say to (do something)350
GRyouninaru ようになるIndicates a change which has taken place or will take place.360
GRyoutosuru 〜ようとするTry to do something, but the nuance is that it was unsuccessful.340
GRyoutosuru, part II 〜おうとするとA voluntary action stopped just before being completed330
GRzuni ずにwithout320
GR~ no you na 〜のような (〜の様な)just like, alike to, similar to300
GR~ageru ~上げるSomething has just been finished300
GR~tokoro (da) 〜ところ(だ) (所だ・処だ)I am about to / I was about to 360
GRそう そうI hear that360


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