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JLPT level 4 entries

Rows highlighted in yellow are those that are saved in your personal study list

The checked column refers to whether or not an entry has been verified for accuracy. -1 and -2 entries still need to be reviewed, so feel free to do so...

Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
GR(go,o,mi,on) (honorific) respected-___460
GR-hajimeru 〜始めるto begin/start VERB-ing480
GRAdana, Nikkuneemu あだ名 (綽名・渾名)、ニックネームnick name420
GRadjectives_ex Adjective Practice ExercisesAdjective Practice Exercises400
GRadv_volitional Advanced VolitionalAdvanced Volitional (まい、であろう、かろう)400
GRano あのthat480
GRaru 有るis (inanimate)4130
GRBasic Japanese Grammar 基本的な 日本語 文法Basic Grammar Terms400
GRcopula_ex State-of-Being Practice ExercisesState-of-Being Practice Exercises410
GRda 〜だThe 'copula' : expresses conditions. X is Y.4120
GRdashita だしたBegan/Begun, Started4240
GRde 〜でby means of, by, [action] at a place4150
GRdemo でもbut440
GRdoushite どうしてwhy?, what for?440
GRga 〜が(subject marker)4130
GRga-2 〜がbut4180
GRha 〜は'topic marker' (also shown as 'wa')460
GRhe 〜へindicates direction of verb. Also pronounced 'e'440
GRhiragana ひらがなHiragana is the basic Japanese phonetic alphabet.400
GRhiragana_ex ひらがな Practice Exercisesひらがな Practice Exercises-400
GRI-adjective Conjugation い形容詞変化How to conjugate regular adjectives ending in "i".480
GRi-adjectives 大きいusing adjectives470
GRijou-2 以上exceeding, above421-2
GRikura いくら (幾等)how much4150
GRiroiro 色々Various; various colors46-2
GRiru いる (居る)Is (animate)4110
GRis, am, are (polite, NA-adjective) desuis, am, are400
GRka 〜か? (basic question particle)440
GRkanji 漢字Writing system based on ancient chinese pictographs400
GRkara からbecause450
GRkara-2 てからafter470
GRkara-made から〜までfrom ... until45-1
GRkatakana_ex カタカナ Practice Exercisesカタカナ Practice Exercises400
GRkeredomo けれどもbut, however440
GRkore, sore, are これ(此・是・之・惟)、それ(其), あれ(彼)this, that, the other430
GRmade までtill, to480
GRmitai na みたいなLike, Similar to450
GRmo 〜もalso480
GRmo-2 〜も(with -ve) neither ... nor , also not, either440
GRnagai 長い、永いlong (length, time)460
GRnaide ないでwithout430
GRnani What490
GRne 〜ねisn't it?4130
GRni 〜に(location marker, time marker, direction marker)4160
GRni-2 〜にto, from (indirect object marker)450
GRno 〜の's, of440
GRnode のでbecause, and440
GRparticles_ex 「は、も、が」 Particle Exercises「は、も、が」 Particle Exercises400
GRRespectful Verbs I 敬語どうしWill you _____?400
GRshikashi しかし (然し・併し)However, but45-1
GRsukoshi 少しa bit...4110
GRsuru するto do (irregular verb)430
GRTe Form of Verbs て形An easy method to conjugating verbs into te form.400
GRtsumori つもり (積もり・積り)One's intention; conviction; belief416-1
GRVerb Groups [in progress]Ichidan verbs430
GRVerb Groups I -Introduction to Verb Conjugation400
GRverb stem + tai 〜たいI want to (verb)430
GRwo 〜を'object marker' (also shown as 'o') 目的480


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