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Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
GRmaika-2 まいかwon't you?210
GRBasic Japanese Grammar 基本的な 日本語 文法Basic Grammar Terms400
GRVerb Groups I -Introduction to Verb Conjugation400
GRRespectful Verbs I 敬語どうしWill you _____?400
PHindex -Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese Grammar000
GRJaki 邪気Malice, bad feeling300
PHnewSiteFB 新規サイトコメントを教えて!-000
GRsorega 其れがDespite that210
GRis, am, are (polite, NA-adjective) desuis, am, are400
GRrashite 〜からしてstarting from210
PHmotoi もといis wrong, rather010
GRyorimosarani よりもさらにmore than that; more than210
PHtotsutaeteitadakemasenka と伝えていただけませんかPolitely asking someone to convey a message.010
GRocha wo nigosu お茶を濁すto avoid giving a direct answer100
PHikura (person) demo (negative sentence) No matter how (adj) (person) is, (I wouldn't go so far as to/he wouldn't)...000
GRGerrund form of Verb + naka de 進行形の動詞+中でOut of (Clause A) there is B, C, D etc etc200
PHnazenara なぜならbecause: a reason for or to do (x). 000
PHtoiunoni というのにAlthough; Despite000
PHyasuraka 安らかpeaceful, restful000
PHsoreni それにmoreover, and what's more010
GR かけるとwhen it comes to200
GRkakeru 2 掛ける 2AT〜; TO〜200
GRkakaru 2 掛かる 2AT〜; ON〜210
PHdakaratoitte だからといって However.. / It doesn't follow that .../ But it doesn't mean that..010
PHhacchakeru はっちゃけるTo party, unwind and have a good time in order to forget stresses and problems000
PH~naki ~なき~less, without010
PH~nimotoduite ~に基づいてbased on~000
GRtabi, tabi ni たび、たびにeach time, every time whenever210
GRhitoridemoooku 一人でも多くMore than one person200
GRtoiukotodesune ということですね (と云う事ですね)your message is that ...310
GRkakeda かけだin the middle of something210
GRwarini(wa) 割りに(は)comparatively; very...100
GR~ no you na 〜のような (〜の様な)just like, alike to, similar to300
PHkoto ni suru ことにする(I/you/he/she/we/they) has/have decided that...010
PHQ~demo Q~でもQuestion word + demo = Question word + ever. (Whenever, wherever, whatever, whoever)010
GRkai. かい。(A type of question mark)300
PHtonokotoda とのことaccording to000
PH(short present) + to (ii desu ne / iin desu ga) と いいですね / いいんですがyou can use the present tense short form + (to ii desu ne) to hope something good happens for others. If you hope for your own good, use (to iin desu ga). if the action is under your control, you should first change the verb to potential form.000
PH-nakattarou probable negative plain form 〜なかったろうProbable negative plain verbform. As in, "he probably did not go." Same meaning as -nandarou 〜なんだろう.000
PHnonasa のなさlack of something010
PHnarau to learn with/ from someone000
GR~KosoSuRe [~nai/arimasen] Only [A] is ever happens, NEVER [B].100
GR~ageru ~上げるSomething has just been finished300
GRkakeru to かけるとWhen it comes to210


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