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Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
GRnaikotohanai ないことは(も)ないit isn't the case that 〜 not 〜; it is not that 〜 not 〜26-1
PHnoni-3 のにwish020
GRnoni のにdespite250
GRni ataranai に あたらないno need to do so130
GRwomotoni をもとにon basis of28-1
PHabbreviations 略語abbreviations046-1
GRtakadaka たかだか (高高)At most13-1
GRwake meaning; reason; circumstances3120
GRno-2 〜のTurn a phrase ending in a verb into a 'noun phrase'350
GRmonowo ものをBut...! / But If (you) had just... / But (I) could have...170
GRkotoninaru ことになるTo be decided, to be arranged270
GRtsutsu つつVm, -ing2180
GRzunihairarenai 〜ずにはいられないcannot help217-1
GRnuku ぬくcompletely; until the end280
GRmukeni 向けにfor, aimed at210