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御 ([ご、お、み、おん] )((go,o,mi,on))
    Meaning: (honorific) respected-___ 尊敬を示す語
    Example: Is your * husband * well?
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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i'm a nurse student 

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ex #857   主人は元気ですか。[goshujin wa ogenki desu ka] 
Is your husband * well?  
ex #4805   あなたはどちらの出身ですか。[anata wa dochira no go shusshin desu ka.] 
Where do you come from?  
ex #4806   あなたは両親のどちらに似ていると思いますか。 
Which of your parents do you think you take after?  
ex #4807   家族はいかがお過ごしですか。 
How is it going with your family?  
ex #7258   神の御名 
The name of God  
ex #7259   「体」と言う言葉は尊敬語では「御身・おんみ」です。 
"Karada" in honorifics is "Onmi".  

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    AmatukaNote: 主人 is non-PC (because it can also be used to mean 'master'). I think 夫(おっと) is more common now ... 
    MikiWhen I talk about "my" husband, I would say 夫 but talk about other's husband, we don't use 夫 and usually use ご主人。 
    Mikinote : When you talk about "your" wife, you'd say 妻(つま)、家内(かない)、or 女房(にょうぼう). And when you talk about other's wife, 奥様(おくさま)。 
    your nameBut we don't have a custom to call somebody's husband by name though it has been changing.
    ah, だんな is also used but this may be also 考え直すべき問題??
    AmatukaYeek. I really messed up the editing on the English bit of my comment. 
    AmatukaI think it was what was talked about in this book that I was thinking of. (Not that I've read it myself ;-)
    Amatuka> だんな [...] may be also 考え直すべき問題??
    I'd guess so - but it isn't my language for me to be 考え直すing. ;-)

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