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<< (short present) + to (ii desu ne / iin desu ga) | (yo)uto~mai, (yo)uga~mai >>

(よ)うが, (よ)うと ようが ようと ([(よ)うが, (よ)うと ようが ようと] )((yo)uga,(yo)uto)
    Meaning: "even if", "no matter what" (people say etc.), strong expression that contains the idea of concession close to ても、ようとも
    Example: Even if people say I'm stubborn or stupid, I'll do what I believe.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Author: LR

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Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p29 - no.33 
Ref # A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p740 
VERB (~う形) + ようが   (書こうが)(言われようが)
いadj. stem + かろうが  (多かろう)
なadj. stem + だろうが  (上手だろうが)
NOUN + だろうが    (作品だろうが)

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ex #7912   人がなんとおう(と/が)、私は自分の子供を信じている。 
Whatever other people say, I believe my child  
ex #7913   頑固と言われよう(と/が)バカと言われよう(と/が)、私は自分の信じることをやります。 
Even if people say I'm stubborn or stupid, I'll do what I believe in.  
ex #7914   あの教授は学生が分かろう(と/が)分かるまい(と/が)かまわず授業を進めていく。  
That professor keeps lecturing regardlesss of whether his students understand it or not.  
ex #7915   報酬がかろう(と/が)少なかろう(と/が)私はやるべきことをやるだけだ。  
Whether the compensation is high or low, I'll just do what I have to do.  
ex #7916   周囲に反対されようが、自分でやると決めた以上は最後までやり抜くつもりだ 
even if those around me disagree, once I've decided I'll do it, I'll give it my all  

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