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馬鹿 [ばか] (Baka)
    Meaning: stupid person
    Example: I am an idiot!
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: social
    Author: andyc

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ex #5292   馬鹿 です。  
I am an idiot!  

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    swWhy is this here? Vocab doesn't equal grammar. 
    dcsw - agreed. but lets not discourage people from making a few entries here and there! at some point this should be pruned though, its true... 
    KWhazitAs long as the entry's here, I might as well add that it's also used in a "social idiot" sense with a meaning more like "jerk" than plain "idiot". 乱馬のバカ!! 
    tigertdon`t forget あほう、 its easy to remember because well it sounds like English A-Hole and the meaning is close enough to be used as a direct sub for such a comment.  
    IonVAnother meaning is 'obsessed with', as in 空手ばか - karate maniac; コンピュータばか - computer geek. 

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