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ごくりゅうは [ごくりゅうは] (Gokuryuuha)
    Meaning: Hell's Dragon
    Example: Inuyasha:Go, Hells Dragon!
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: anime
    Author: Xephyer

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    MikiXephyer, Why do you add relative words under the entry 犬夜叉? I don't understand this or other entries you made. Is it so nice to memorize the words used only in 犬夜叉?I guess you are おたく, aren't you? But you can't write いぬやしゃ or ごくりゅうは in kanji? 獄竜破. hmm Do you know kanji conversion method? 
    bamboo4This entry should be deleted. This deals with a pronoun in some story and does not contribute at all to the study of Japanese grammar to which this site is dedicated.
    ninja_kDo we have any way to schedule an entry for deletion ourselves?
    dcHeeeeeees back! (assuming our otaku is a he)
    I put these entries in the "anime" category, and will get around to putting a filter in. They are a bit pointless. Maybe we should add a "flag for delete" feature...
    usaton”Flag for delete" feature 賛成! 

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