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ばかり [ばかり] (bakari-2)
    Meaning: just (just recently) / nothing but
    Example: I just bought it / you do nothing but play around
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ta form + bakari  
bakari is a "completed fullness", for instance that's all you got because with that you didn't need any more.
dake means that's all you got, but more would be better/ok/possible/,,,

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ex #5018   その本を買ったばかりだ。 
I just bought that book  
ex #5019   昨日アメリカから帰ってきたばかりなんです。 
I just got back from America yesterday.  
ex #5020   5000円ばかりもっている。  
I have just 5,000 yen.  
ex #5021   あなたはいつも私のあら捜しばかりしている。  
You do nothing but find fault with me.  
ex #5022   あなたは何度も同じ誤りばかりしている。  
You're just making the same mistake time after time.  
ex #5023   あの人は自分の分担の仕事をしないことにいつもいいわけばかりしている。  
That person do nothing but make excuses for not doing his share of the work.  
ex #5024   あなたばかりでなく私もまちがっている。  
Not only you but also I am wrong.  
ex #5025   うちの息子は遊んでばかりいる。  
My son does nothing but play around  
ex #5026   お母さんはいつも私の不平ばかり言っている。  
My mother does nothing but complain about me.  
ex #5027   かれはさくやここに到着したばかりです。  
He arrived here just last night.  
ex #5028   かわいそうにその少女は一日中泣いてばかりだ。  
The poor little girl did nothing but sob all day.  
ex #5029   このポンコツ車はえんこばかりしている。  
This old car breaks down all the time.  
ex #5030   この子は泣いてばかりいる。  
This child does nothing but cry.  
ex #5031   この車は近ごろ故障ばかりしている。  
This car does nothing but break down lately.  
ex #5032   この組織は幹部ばかり名を連ねているのではたして決定を下せるのかあやしいものだ。  
Since in this organization they're all chiefs and no Indians, it's a wonder any decisions get made.  
ex #5033   この本はあの本に比べて、ためになるばかりでなくおもしろい。  
This book is not only more instructive but more interesting than that book.  
ex #5034   この本は出版されたばかりだ。  
This book is hot off from the press.  
ex #5035   ご兄弟のことはカンザス州から問い合わせを受けたばかりです。 
We have just received an inquiry from Kansas concerning your brother.  

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JarretHow is this different from 'dake' or 'tada'? 

I just got back from the US yesterday.

#5027 Use kanji.



Put "、" right after "〜いるので."
KWhazitI think this needs to be split into two separate entries.

ばかり (after a past-tense verb) in [#5018], [#5027], [#5034], and others, means that something has only just happened

ばかり (after a noun, -te form verb, etc.) in many of the other examples ([#5021], [#5028], [#5031], etc.) is more of a "nothing but", "all it ever does is", or "all that's there is" feeling.
Meaning something like I can't make but the wrong choice.

I just arrived.
drdaveI second KWhazit's comment: there are most definitely two separate entries here.
Also need to beware: depending on meaning ("just happened"/"nothing but"), placement is different:

食べたばかり -> I just ate (moments ago).
ばかり食べた -> All I/we/etc did was eating (and nothing else).

Furthermore, I believe pronunciation/spelling: ばっかり is also valid (very often heard in speech).
chiekoKWhazit, good point! 

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