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ばかりに [ばかりに] (bakarini)
    Meaning: because (of a negative thing); simply because; simply on account of
    Example: he was fired just for talking back
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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because of ... always indicates a negative outcome. 
A conjunction indicating that a single factor causes a negative situation 
BE CAREFUL not to confuse ばかりに with とばかりに.
ばかりに is for indicating a single factor that causes a negative situation and is formed
{VERB-past-tense / いadj. / なadj.stem / NOUN} +ばかりに
とばかりに indicates that s.o does s.t in such a way that s.o. is convinced that something is the case - "思い立ったが吉日とばかりにエアロビクスを始めました。
I began aerobics believing that the day you think of something is an auspicious day to start it." and is formed
{direct quotation / indirect quotation / noun} + とばかりに
See tobakarini
Ref # A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p25 

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ex #215   あの日たまたま休んでいたばかりに、大事な連絡を開きそびれた。 
I missed a really important announcement just because I happened to be absent that day.  
ex #1018   新車を買ったばかりにお金がありません。  
I am broke because I bought a new car  
ex #3085   渡し船があることを知らなかったばかりに歩いて湖を半周してしまった。  
Just because I did not know there was a ferry service, I ended up walking halfway around the lake.  
ex #5927   ドイツ語の試験に落ちたばかりに、来月に卒業できない。 
Just because I failed my German language exam, I cannot graduate next month.  
ex #7053   うそをついた ばかりに彼に嫌われた。 
He hates me simply because I told a lie.  
ex #7148   パーティー場所を聞いたばかりに,手伝いを頼まれてしまった。 
Just because I asked where the party was, I got asked to help out (which I don't want to do)  
ex #8111   寝過ごしたばかりに学校に遅刻した。  
I was late for school just because I had overslept.  

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AmatukaFirst example : Lit. something like ... "Just (as) the best opportunity (occurred) - (he) jumped for it." 
dcAccording to EdJacob's page, there is not the meaning of
"just because of a small thing" it is simply
"just - negative" :

Because. Always indicates a negative outcome.
I failed the test because I didn’t study.
I don’t have any money because I bought a new car.
see bakarini here
Snakebut wouldn't it make sense if it was 'just because I bought a new car, I'm broke' meaning it's all the car's fault or whatever.. it's just that the first example could easily be seen as 'just as the chance occured', where abouts on EdJacob's page does it say it doesn't mean this? I know it doesn't support it, but I didn't see it refute it either.. 
bamboo4The first ばかりに and the second one do not mean the same thing. ばかりに in the first example means "simply because" or "simply for the reason" suggesting some ad hoc intervention by a fortuitous circumstances, whereas ばかりに in the seond example results from a logical cause and effect and there is no element of luck there.  
Mikiex#1018 and 3085 Pls see karanode 
EruanneI think ばかり is level 3 grammar. Since i saw it on a page on the lvl 3 grammar in past tests. 
dcbakari is different from bakarini. It seems we didn't have bakari so I just added it. 
TCDoesnt this have the same meaning as ばこそ? 
TC さん、
〜ばかりに and 〜ばこそ is different.
〜ばかりに can be said as "just because of 〜、.....(followed by negative consequences)"
〜ばこそ can be said as " exactly because of 〜、that is why........"
You can refer to more examples in the entry of ばこそ。
leslieIs ばかりに the same as ばかりで?

bamboo4Generally, ばかり has the connotation of limiting something and not going beyond. ばかりに therefore means "because so limited," and ばかりで means "not going beyond that limit."
Accordingly, 物価は上がるばかりで would mean "since the commodity prices only go up..."
LRAmatuka's first example is wrong for this entry so I'm going to replace it with a correct example. 2010/12/4 

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