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    Meaning: Basic Grammatical Structures
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: lesson
    Author: TaeKim

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Basic Grammatical Structures

Now that we have learned how to write Japanese, we can begin going over the basic grammatical structure of the language. This section primarily covers all the parts of speech: nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. It will also describe how to integrate the various parts of speech into a coherent sentence by using particles. By the end of this section, you should have a basic understanding of how Japanese works and how thoughts are expressed in Japanese.
Lessons covered in this section
    designating a topic and/or subject using 「は」、「も」、and 「が」 particles. modifying the noun or by using particles. we can easily generalize conjugation rules. sentence, "He will go." into "He will not go." sentence, "He will go." into "He went." We will learn the direct object particle (を), target particle (に), motion target particle (へ), and the context particle (で). our usage of particles changes as a result. complicated sentences. also be covered allowing us to essentially set just about anything as the topic or identifier. Its use as an implied explanation is also covered as well. into adverbs as well as how to use "adverbs" to become an adjective. It also introduces two very common and useful sentence endings.

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