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ぼんやり ([ぼんやり] )(bonyari)
    Meaning: absent-minded(ly); blank(ly) ぼんやりと暮らす
    Example: idle one's time away
    JLPT Level: 2
    Author: aoiaki

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@ Unclearly seen/Obscurely

Mt. Fuji can been seen dimly in the distance.

I have but a faint recollection of this kanji.

I can't think clearly because I didnt eat breakfast

A Carelessness

He was gazing vacently at the ocean.

Be careful! (Don't space out!)

B Doing nothing at all
idle one's time away

C Insenstive remarks

dimwit, blockhead, slow, thickheaded

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ex #7092   ケンは何時も授業中ぼんやりしています。  
Ken is always absent minded in the class.  
ex #7093   海の向こうに島がぼんやり見えます 
The island is dimly visible over the sea.  
ex #8121   彼女はぼんやりと窓の外を眺めていた。 
She was idly looking out of the window.  

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    tigertThis seems a little more like vocab than grammar. 
    mochabeanI agree. 

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