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あかるい ([あかるい] )(bright)
    Meaning: bright bright
    Example: (I-adjective)
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: Reuben Pitman

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ex #5686   Akarui. (plain non-past)  
is bright. (plain non-past)  
ex #5687   Akarui desu.(polite non-past)  
is bright. (polite non-past)  
ex #5688   Akarukunai. (plain neg. non-past)  
isn't bright. (plain neg. non-past)  
ex #5689   Akaruku arimasen. (polite neg. non-past)  
isn't bright. (polite neg. non-past)  
ex #5690   Akarukatta. (plain past)  
was bright. (plain past)  
ex #5691   Akarukatta desu. (polite past)  
was bright. (polite past)  
ex #5692   Akaru kunakatta.(plain neg. past)  
wasn't bright. (plain neg. past)  
ex #5693   Akaruku arimasen deshita.(polite neg. past)  
wasn't bright. (polite neg. past)  
ex #5950   太郎君、もっと明るいところで読みなさい。 
Taro, read somewhere brighter [with better light].  
ex #6058    
the colour of her dress was bright.  

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    mankindHow is this grammar? I think it should be deleted. 
    bbwestIt's grammar because is conjugations, hence...grammar! 
    gandalI think mankind is right. It doesnt make sense to dedicate an entry for a specific I-adj. If someone thinks that akarui is a good example for i-adj they should add examples that are based on akarui in the section about i-adj. if we keep adding a specific entry for each non-specialized word we will end up with an unsearchable polluted database. the point of this website is to highlight grammatical rules by listing an entry for each rule. this way the users of this website can directly look-up grammar points instead of wasting hteir time sifting through entries the content of which can be deduced in a single mental step once one knows the underlying rule. I dont think that akarui has such a status as to be listed in a separate entry. 
    dcand that page is here: adjectives so.. should we delete this? i'll wait for a couple more comments, but this page seems unfocused to me. 
    dctho on re-reading, its a nice list of conjugations. be better if those could be merged onto the adjectives page... 
    elfindoakarui is not really helpful as a grammar in JLPT 4, it appears in the vocab section rather than the grammar section 
    tigertI think single word listings like this should be removed. Or atleast have a seprate section entitled vocabulary that we could group them in. I mean there are words out there that aren`t found in dictionaries, so group contributions should be encouraged, but not in the grammar section of this site.  
    saruwatariif deleting this page depends of how many people vote for it, i'd like to vote too :-). i'm strongly for moving conjugations to i-adj page and deleting this one. "Akarui" isn't a separate grammar issue, anyone knows that. 
    petraI think this should be moved. Either my computer is messing up or #6058 doesn't have any Japanese. 
    calltometalI second the vote to move this. Yes it contains grammar, but then you may as well have one dedicated to every adjective, verb, etc. They can all contain grammar some how. 
    seifipI kinda agree with tigert... Either a new vocabulary section should be created, or all similar single word items should be deleted. 
    epeenShould we have a grammar entry for every i-adjective in the Japanese language? - of course not. Entries like this really hurt the credibility of this website and so should be removed. 
    ahlecI wouldn't go so far as to say this kind of page hurts jgram but this definitely doesn't need to be its own page. Or if it is its own page, it should be renamed to "I-adjective conjugations" or something similar. 

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