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不調法 or 無調法 [ぶちょうほう] (buchouhou)
    Meaning: A rudeness or blunder, carelessness
    Example: (1)ainiku osake ha buchouhou deshite - I must apologize but I don't drink (2) karaoke wo utatte agerareru to ii n desuga, ainiku buchouhou na mono desu. If I could sing karaoke to you I would but sorry unfortunately I can't.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: kadoka66

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ex #8646   「一杯如何?」「ごめんね。まったく不調法なの」  
How about another ? sorry I cant cope with alcohol at all  
ex #8647   口は不調法だが、腕は確かだ 
I am not well spoken but can do a great job  

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    bamboo4At least, change the heading to "buchouhou" = 無調法.

    kadoka66Done. No idea why I wrote fu instead of bu perhaps it is cos I did it in a hurry.... :( Although the kanji can be 不調法 as well. According to my native Japanese friend who is also a teacher, either way of writing it is commonly acceptable.  

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