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〜であれ [〜であれ] (deare)
    Meaning: No matter what; Even if; No matter how
    Example: Even the company president has to obey the rules.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Same meaning as ‘Tatoe~temo’. Written. Formal.

Ref# A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p67 
Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p24 - no.25 
Often comes in pairs -
Expresses the idea of concession 
NOUN + であれ 

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ex #3313   社長 であれ規則はまもらないといけない。 
Even the company president has to obey the rules.  
ex #3314   投票は海外に住んでいる人 であれするべきだ。 
Voting is something that you have to do, even if you live abroad.  
ex #3919   あなたの職業がなんであれ、また、その職業にどんなに満足していても、何かほかの仕事を選べばよかったと思うときがあるものだ。  
No matter what your profession, or how happy you may be in it, there are moments when you wish you had chosen some other career.  
ex #3920   たとえ天候がどうであれ、私は行きます。 
I will go, be the weather what it may.  
ex #3921   ドアの所にいる人がであれ、待つように言ってください。 
Whoever is at the door, please ask him to wait.  
ex #7885   通勤がいかに不便であれ、今の家を変わるつもりはない。 
No matter how inconvenient my commute is, I do not intend to move house  
ex #7886   たとえ国王であれ、国民すべてを従わせることができるわけではない。 
Even if you were the king, it doesn't follow that all your subjects will obey.  
ex #7887   当時の軍隊では上官の命令がいかに理不尽であれ、下級兵はそれに従うしかなかった。 
In the army in those days, no matter how unreasonable the senior officers' commands, the soliders under them had no choice but to obey them.  

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futaroPlease, think to the people who have a hardtime understandin japanes writing and put the example also in romanji. Thank you. 
uetakiI am not able to read kanjis... 
blabbyThis example is JLPT level 1. It is formal and WRITTEN grammar.

Just click on the example and you will get a tranlastion into hiragana from the Edict dictionary.

If you can't read hiragana, you will find studying advanced written grammar a little hard...
rogenIs this just like a formal version of 「だって」、As in, アメリカ人だってご飯を食べますよ。

Hmm actually that's not right, is it. I guess it's more like でも or であっても, yeah?
evdsluysFrom what I have studied so far であれ has a similar meaning to であっても and でも 
lucinda lohmanootaThe book that I am studying from has a [de are] as the phrase to be studied, but I do not see any examples here. Is it a totally different expression? 
LRdeare and [deare..deare] are different.

deare would be for "数分間であれ" please practice, if only for a few minutes per day

[deare..deare] would be for "男性であれ、女性であれ" whether you are male or female, you have the same human rights.

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