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であろうと [であろうと] (dearou to)
    Meaning: No matter what; Even if; No matter how
    Example: no matter what kind of person
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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For most verbs that end in iru/eru (except for a few verbs I mean), remove the <b>ru</b> and add dearou.
For other verbs that end in, ru (exceptional verbs are in this group), tsu, u ku, gu, mu, and bu, change the last syllable to the <b>i</b> section of it (as in ru = ri, tsu = chi, u = i, etc.). For example...
taberu = tabedearou
miru = midearou
kaeru* = kaeridearou (one of the exceptional verbs)
nugu = nugidearou

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ex #4374   どんな人であろうと、この映画は楽しめます。 
This movie can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter what kind of person they are.  
ex #4375   いかに粗末であろうとも、我が家は我が家である。  
No matter how humble it may be, home is home.  
ex #4376   この本を書いたのが誰であろうとも、その人はとても利口だ。  
No matter who it was that wrote this book, he's very clever.  
ex #8713   どんな仕事であろうと、圧迫されるときはある。 
In every job, there are times when you feel pressure.  

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gtunak85I think it should be noted that either と or とも follows it.
Well, he examples imply that, but can I have some confirmation?
MikiI think it follows either と or とも.
たとえ…ても / …ても / …とも

Miki「であろうと」and 「だろうと」are both ok in writing and speaking. 書く時も話す時にも、両方使えます。だろうと is usually used in speaking and であろうと sounds with a self-important air, I feel. 重々しい響きがある。 
kyoushiAyumi, your notes are really complicated. You can just refer to the ます形 or stem form.  

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