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である [である] (dearu)
    Meaning: To be, is (formal equivalent of だ [da])
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #3187   医者である田中さん 
The Tanaka san who is a doctor.  
ex #3191   そうであるとしても、この場合は別でしょう。 
Even if that is correct, would it not have to be different in this case?  
ex #4955   いつも正直であるということは、容易なことではない。 
To be always honest is not easy.  
ex #7085   "We" are a cat (famous novel title). 

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  • da    (である is the formal, written equivalent of だ) [Amatuka]
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AmatukaUsually used in written, formal works. 
AmatukaOne way in which である (dearu) can be used where だ (da) cannot is to modify nouns.
e.g. 医者である田中さん (senshu de aru tanakasan) The Tanakasan who is a doctor.
Mikiroma-ji is wrong for e.g. in user comments.
医者である田中さん(isha de aru tanaka-san)
EekerI don't see why である is being distinguished from だ even though ではない is included on the page for だ. Furthermore, several forms have been missed, such as でない (traditional negative form of である) as well as であろう (traditional negative form of darou). 
MikiI agree with Eeker. It would be better remove English meaning of (formal equivalent of だ da). 
blackburnI think de aru is found in formal written texts. Thesis, abstracts, conference text, just to name a few examples. 

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