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できるだけ [できるだけ] (dekirudake)
    Meaning: as soon/early as possible
    Example: I'd like to meet as soon as possible
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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dekirudake + adverb means "as much as (adverb)".
its used as an almost set phrase with 'hayaku':early/fast.
dekirudake hayaku: as quickly/soon/early as possible.

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ex #4956   できるだけ早く参ります。 
I'll come as soon as I can.  
ex #4957   この本はできるだけ早く返してくれ。 
Return this book as soon as you can.  
ex #4958   できるだけ早く起きなさい。 
Get up as early as you can.  
ex #4959   できるだけ速く走ったので、友人に追いつけた。 
Running as fast as I could, I was able to catch up with my friend.  
ex #4975   彼はできるだけ長く生きたいと思っている。 
He wants to live as long as he can.  
ex #5707   好きなだけ、食べてください。 
Please eat as much as you like.  

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  • dake    (Although this entry uses the verb できる, other verbs can also be used.) [blabby]
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dcis this used with the leading verb being a potential?
meet as soon as possible

make as soon as possible

eat as quickly as possible
dccan it be used with negatives?

as slowly/late as possible?
MikiIf you use the verb twice like this, it is possible. 会えるだけ早く会う。 
MikiWith negative, you can use it. 
Please come as late as possible.
Mikidc, Why don't you change the entry to "できるだけ" only?
There are more できるだけ。速く、静かに、長く、…。
bamboo4Miki-san's comment: 会えるだけ早く会うis incorrect. It would have to be できるだけ早く会う.

I agree with Miki-san's comment that the entry should be changed to できるだけ.
dctx, entry changed.. btw are you both able to edit grammar entries? you should be admin so please feel free to edit... 
blabbyMaybe this should be listed as "だけ-2" - "As much as 〜"?
できるだけ - "As much as you can do"
好きなだけ - "As much as you like"
ほしいだけを取り下さい - "Please take as much as you want"
寝たいだけ寝ることができない - "I can't sleep as much as I want to."
bladdyさん、should be 「ほしいだけお取り下さい」. 
dcさん、should be (without 早く) :
if you want to say " ... as soon as possible/as sson as one can" use 出来るだけ:
claytonianThis grammar should be changed, as this sense of だけ does not appear with just 出来るin front of it. 
tigertdekirukake can also mean to the extent possible.

To the extent that it is possible, please do not do that sort of thing.


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