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でも [でも] (demo)
    Meaning: but
    Example: I'd like to make it easier to use but still not use frames.
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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でも can never appear in the middle of a sentence like けど or other words meaning 'but.'

You can say:

I was planning on going to my friend's house. But, she's sick.

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ex #870   品質はいい。でも、値段は高いです。[ hinshitsu ga ii demo nedan ha takai desu.] 
The quality is good but the price is high.  
ex #4783   でも、あなたにあげるりんごはありません。[demo anata ni ageru ringo wa arimasen] 
But I have no apples left to give you.  
ex #4784   日本が好きです、でもときどき日本が好きではありません。 
I like Japan, but sometimes I don't like Japan.  
ex #8627   彼はアニメが好きです。でもアニメが好きではありません。 
He likes anime. But , I don't like anime.  

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AmatukaN.B. The Japanese example was 'home made' not 'Google found' so I'm not sure how natural it is. 
MikiTo make it more natural, 「品質_は_いい。でも、…。」Nobody cares it(が) when the sentence is used in conversation.
AmatukaAh, thanks. (は and が are tricky beasties). 
bamboo4We don't have でも in the sense of 日本人でも漢字は難しい?
hariNor have we お茶でもいかがですか。 
dcbut i often hear お茶でもいい?
do you want some tea? (just (humble) tea is ok?)
MikiBoth are ok as Japanese.
お茶でもいかがですか。is a polite way to ask tea or something. Also I heard this is used by a guy to start a converstaion with a girl.
お茶でもいい? is a casual way to suggest. dc's understanding is ok.
お茶でもいかがですか。is a polite form of asking "would you have some green tea?". Here でも is used to indicate that " the are other things,equally well to be offered to listener, but the offeror just make a single choice (which is お茶) out of the other offerings, the listerner can make other choices if he/she didn't want green tea",
If it is お茶でいいですか , it indicates that " there is only green-tea to be offered, and if the listerner doesn't want then the offeror doesn't have any other to offer"
PaulIs this really JLPT 1? I would have thought it 4 or 3 at most. 
ushimitsudokiHow about だけど? It might be worth a "see also" entry. 
takamichihow about in context of "sore demo daijoubu" 
fuyugareWhy on this website, every time there should be an apostrophe, is there this intead : ' ?
Can anyone explain me how to solve this problem ?
jatznicWhen typing English using a Japanese IME the ' is replaced by : because that's what is naturally on that key on a Japanese keyboard. I am constantly placing a colon where an apostrophe should be while typing in IME mode. I always have to go back and hit Shift+7 because that's where it is on the 106/109 key keyboards. 

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