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〜でなくてなんだろう [〜でなくてなんだろう] (denakute-nandarou)
    Meaning: If thats not ... I don't know what is
    Example: If that's not a secret society, i don't know what is
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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always follows a noun. written only 
〜でなくてなんだろう literally means : "If it is not 〜,then what it is/ what can it be?" 

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ex #4377   このケーキが世界一でなくてなんだろう 
If this isn't the world's best cake, then I don't know what is.  
ex #5913   あの国の大統領は国民の意見は無視して何でも自分一人で決定する。これが独裁者でなくてなんだろう 
The president of that country decides everything himself ignoring nation's concerns. If that's not dictatorship, then i don't know what is.  
ex #5985   自分の命を犠牲にして多くの人を救ったあの男が英雄でなくてなんだろう 
That man who sacrificed his own life to help so many people, if he isn't a hero I don't know who is. でなくてなんだろう  

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    anonJLPT Level 4? 
    dcwell spotted. Level 1 i think. 
    olivierJPLT Level 1 without a doubt. 
    rasmusjpnot to be a nit-picker, but how does that example sentence fit in with "written only"? 
    cosmosuppose we're talking about a person, is 〜でなくてだれだろう acceptable? (same goes for places, time, etc) 
    iamharenchiたとえば?あの人はスミスさんでなくてだれだろう?とか?I think its grammatically correct its just probably not used. Also consider that when speaking about other people you have to be careful about politeness, so saying なくてだれだろう?might be considered a little bit rude. 
    joooohnIs there an equivalent word/phrase which means "if that isn't (X) then what is?" or similar?
    It'd be very handy to use in day to day life.

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