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どちらかといえば [どちらかといえば] (dochirakatoieba)
    Meaning: If I had to say...
    Example: on balance
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: grammar
    Author: bamboo4

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ex #4924   どちらかと言えば海に行きたい。 
If I had my druthers, I would like to go to the sea.  
ex #4925   どちらかといえば泳ぎはうまい方でした。 
He was, if anything, a good swimmer.  
ex #4926   どちらかといえば今日はあの人に会いたくない。 
I would rather not see him(her) today.  

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    bamboo4You can also use どちらかというと interchangeably. 
    PaulOBamboo4, please excuse my ignorance - I'm a brit and I only found out the meaning of "druthers" in the The American Heritage Dictionary as a slang term for "would rather" from the 1800s.

    Can anyone suggest a less esoteric translation for どちらかと言えば - "If it's all the same" or "above all else" ????
    ドニーI suppose you could say, "If I had to say (one way or the other)" or "If I were to say..."

    As in, one way or the other.

    If I say which way is, she-made cake is a little...

    "If I had to say one way or the other, the cake she made is a little..."

    I think we use this sort of construction in English, too. We say, "If I had to say..." and then state an opinion or observation.

    In the case of stating one's desire (If I had my druthers, I'd like to go to the beach) maybe we would say "If I may say..." or something of this nature.

    Just my two cents.
    SyintaexChanged the English meaning from "druthers" to something more natural, namely "if I had to say."
    PaulO, I'm an American and I've never heard this word in my entire life. It is considered to be very outdated and slightly unnatural.
    Bamboo, I'm not sure where you're from, so I can't attest to whether or not you have used this word before, but please check with another English speaker when making an entry like this.

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