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どうも [どうも] (doumo)
    Meaning: apparently, naturally
    Example: of course she got angry
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #1281   この空模様では、どうも雨になりそうだ。 
With this kind of sky apparently it will rain  
ex #1283   どうもうまくゆかない。 
Whatever I do, it doesn't end up well.  
ex #1286   どうも済みません。 
I feel very bad about it.  
ex #1287   どうもよくわからん。 
It's not very clear and I don't quite understand.  
ex #3923   「あの人たちは、またストをやるんだろうか」どうもそうらしいね」 
"Will they go on strike again?" "I'm afraid so."  
ex #3924   どうも行く必要はないようです。 
There seems to be no need to go.  
ex #5460   いやどうも、どうも 
Well, thank you/sorry/sorry I'm late/good to see you, etc.  

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bamboo4済みません means that one's mind remains unsettled and therefore not 澄む, that is not clear. From 澄む came the concept of 済む meaning "finishied."
bamboo4You can simply say どうも and you can dispense with all other phrases you can think of!

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