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どうせ [どうせ] (douse)
    Meaning: after all; eventually; at best
    Example: After all, there's nothing permanent.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: bamboo4

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ex #1090   どうせ金なんてそのうちなくなるんだ 
After all (eventually) money you now have will be gone.  
ex #1093   どうせ二人は枯すすき、花の咲かない枯ススキ 
After all we two are nothing but withered grass: flowerless grass  
ex #1096   どうせ郵便局へ行くのなら、切手を買ってくださいませんか? 
Since you're going to the post-office anyway won't you please buy some stamps for me?  
ex #3224   どうせ行かなければならないのなら早いほうがいいです。 
If you have to go anyway , then you might as well do it quickly.  
ex #6400   あなたが手伝ってくれないことは分かっている。どうせあなたはそういう人だ。 
I know you won't help me. That's the kind of guy you are, after all.  

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    bamboo4どうせ is a word that characterizes the Japanese view of the transient and mutability of life. いろは歌 is a typical example. 
    bamboo4The second example is a quote from a old Japanese pop song about a man and his wife whose life would end up as a river boat ferry man. 
    your nameしぶい歌ですね。My mother knows 船頭小唄. 
    dcI think どうせ also can be used as in "anyway", ex 3 
    bamboo4Thank you, dc! 
    bamboo4In example 3, we normally use ついでに, rather than どうせ. 郵便局に行くんだったら、ついでに切手を買ってきて. 
    testysomeone used the phrase どうせ男 the other day, in a kind of sarcastic way. could this mean "at best, kind of like guys (but not really)" .. ? 
    testyor more like, "after all, they are guys (so they would do that kind of thing)" 
    bamboo4どうせ男 means an irrsponsible, happy-go-lucky guy, whose view would be どうせ(after all), so that he would just go about his life without really trying. 
    anondc, Roma-ji for どうせ is wrong. It should be doUse. 
    dcah, thats a little problem, as all the comments etc are linked from "doose"... I can change + the examples but will lose the comments for now. 
    doppelthere is no such thing as incorrect romaaji. 
    yookosoWhether there is such a thing as incorrect romaji is a debate for another forum, but douse is consistent with the romaji used on this particular site so I went ahead and made the change (we can do that now but couldn't before when DC posted his comment). 
    Put "。" at the end of the sentence.
    ixtliIn #1090 there should be a "the" thrown in there after "(eventually)" ... but even then its still kind of awkward. 
    PorkChopWouldn't #1090 correspond with the English idiom "you can't take it with you"? Regardless, it would probably read better as "Eventually (In the end) the money you have now will (all) be gone".  

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