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どうして [どうして] (doushite)
    Meaning: why?, what for?
    Example: Why didn't you come?
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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どうして must end with <b>んです</b> instead of まです form 

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ex #785   どうしてそんなことが起こったのか。[ doushite sonna koto ga okotta no ka. ] 
How did such a thing come about?  
ex #786   どうして来なかったのですか。[doushite konakatta no desu ka. ] 
Why didn't you come?  
ex #4785   どうしてこんなに暑いのですか。[doushite konna ni atsui no desu ka.] 
Why is it so hot?  
ex #4786   どうしてそんなに怒っているの。[doushite sonna ni ikatte iru no.] 
Why are you so angry?  

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    MikiJapanese is awkward.
    Why don't you come?
    Why do you come?
    MikiDo you know「来る」カ行変格活用?  
    Amatuka→Kuru's 'ka' line conjugation? ;-)
    -ve くる→こない
    MikiI don't know if it help you lean 来る conjugation. It is also said to be カ行の三段 in a dictionary but I leant as カ行変格活用 at school as a child.
    bamboo4See the meaning of どう at "ka dou ka." 
    dcwhich is here kadouka 
    Why do you come?

    The above is rather ambiguous. The English translation should be "Why do you want to come,even when not invited."

    Besides, the expression is pretty rude. Consider: どうしてお出でになりたいのですか、ご招待申しあげてもいませんのに.

    I have never said "why do you want to come, even when not invited" in my entire life. (native English speaker)

    A natural translation would be "Why are you coming? I didn`t invite you."

    English is a little more direct than Japanese. translating a phrase word for word never sounds natural.

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