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    Meaning: feedback on the flash quiz
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: admin
    Author: dc

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    dcI changed the font. So today, everything is OK? It should be at least on windows. I would like a mac tester...

    If I embed the japanese font, the file is 500K. Is this OK? This would be big, but only has to be donwloadead once. Also the text would look nicer.. anti aliased.
    MikiI can read Japanese now. Thanks.

    When a Japanese sentence is long, right edge cannot be showed. eg I can read いいところへ着ましたね。今ちょうどスイカを切ったんです。一緒に食. I cannot read the latter べましょう
    PawelHi dc - pretty neat site. I came across it via SLJ. Flash Quiz doesn't seem to work in Linux using FireFox. Here is a screen shot of what I see:

    Not sure if it's just an issue of the font not wanting to download (note the 'Transferring Data' in the status bar). I'll have to try in Windows from work later.
    dchi Pawel - tx for the linux shot. I guess its two things:
    * limitation of the flash player on linux - reading data asynchronously from the server. Is the plug-in allegedly in sync with the windows version?
    * also the fonts. I have to spec a font by name, can't do "sans", using "Arial". So - what is a standard font that all linux machines have?
    axthe test looks very promising for starter. It really helps me improve my grammar.

    JakeOhh, awesome! This reminds me of ye olde Power Japanese. 
    LittleFishWow, this is really neat! (Finally, an addicting Flash game that doesn't waste your time) 
    dcPawel :: I changed the font settings, it should work on all platforms now. I would appreciate if you could test... (or can someone else let me know how it works on Mac and Linux ?) Thanks! 
    Kamisamathere is a dog in that car.....

    umm there are no flash buttons to click on....

    TBoyJLPT2: if the answer goes beyond the right side of the panel User can't see it. 
    otakulabthe linker from Japanaradio breaks, making the browser unresponsive, had to directly hit the site.

    other then that, good stuff in here, a bit awkward to look at, maybe spruce up a bit... specially your index. but I know you were prolly going for content not appeal....

    nice job. =^-^=
    I'll link to your site.
    dcno, I'd like to go for appeal as well, but i haven't had time!! it would be nice if a designer person out there felt like contributing/collaborating! 
    TomThis feature is awesome. I love it. 
    sd1138That moving text and ball thing above the choice boxes have *got* to go or stay stationary. Its driving me crazy as I try to read the boxes below it as my eyes are constantly drawn towards it. 
    dcsd - you'd be amazed how many ppl couldnt figure out what to do. those instructions maybe i should stop after you played one or two rounds.. but if you roll the mouse over any japanese it stops the anim. 
    naiobrinThis is great practice, and enough all by itself to keep me coming back to this site. If it had a way of telling me the readings of the kanji, that would be really cool. 
    faded11/05/2005 -
    Hi, I'm using linux as well, and as now I can't see any japanese text. I don't know if it's a problem related to my system or not, though I can see kanjis on other websites. I'm using the version of the macromedia plugin.
    faded04/18/2005 -
    previous post was actually 04/11/2005 (mixed up a bit indeed -_-;)
    I still can't see any kanji in the applet. When I click on "lookup kanji", WWWJdic tells me there's no japanese in the text.
    dchiya - i guess it might be an MM plugin issue. the kanji is coming over fine on windows. all i can think is the linux plugin isnt unicode? i am in process of setting up a linux desktop so hopefully can figure it out. 
    ashcan you stop the bouncing yellow ball.. it really is ANNOYING! 
    faded04/27/2005 -
    I tried the applet on a windows platform and I saw the kanjis without trouble. I tried changing the character encoding used by the browser and then by the whole user session, but without any success.
    dcfaded - the flash file is available online if you would like to take a look!
    i would really like to support linux, but i dont have a desktop linux box to hand. it may just be a font isssue, or it may be a gnarly problem with the plug-ins encoding.
    frankly messing with encoding to try and juggle to support different platforms is such tedious programming its low on my list of things i want to do :(

    Have you seen other flash content using kanji on linux?
    tigertHey dc, I don`t know much about flash, but if its graphics design your looking for I can help you with that. Let me know  

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