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風 [ふう] (fuu)
    Meaning: Style
    Example: Japanese style apartment
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #710   日本のマンションでいいです。 
A Japanese style apartment is fine.  
ex #4787   たまにタイ焼きうどんを食べます。 
I sometimes eat Thai-style stir-fried noodles.  
ex #4788   露天風呂のある純和旅館に泊まった。 
We stayed at a purely Japanese-style hotel with an open-air bath.  
ex #5523   どんな風に卵を作れますか? 
In what kind of style can you cook eggs?  
ex #8157   フランスに料理する。 
Cook ((in) the)French style.  
ex #8158   この家はジョージ王朝に建てられた。 
That house was constructed in Georgian style.  

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  • mitai    (風 is usually more like 'style' or 'way of doing' than みたい.) [Amatuka]
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AmatukaNote Japanese 'AdSpeak' transformed the meaning of 'manshion'. 
dc和風 > japanese style 
rahulsangolewhy is it de ii desu? and not ga ii desu?
anonRegarding "nihon-fuu no manshon GA iidesu", nihon-fuu no manshion would be your first priority in your selection list. Meanwhile "nihon-fuu no manshon DE iidesu" implys "I don't care much what style of apartment is, but Japanese-style is fine if you recommended or if anything, Japanese-style is preferable. 
Miki#5523 Japanese is weird. I would say どんな卵料理が作れますか。
For exmaple 「何風のお好み焼きが作れますか。」「広島風です。」
or どんな風に卵を料理しますか。How do you cook an egg?
takamichi"sono fuu ni" ~ "in that style" 
seifipChanged JLPT 4 to JLPT 2 as that's where ふう belongs... (かぜ is JLPT 4, 風 (kanji) is JLPT 3 and ふう is JLPT 2) 

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