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という風に [というふうに] (fuuni)
    Meaning: in that way
    Example: hold it like this
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: d9

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ex #960   彼はどうしようもないという風に首を振った 
he shook his head in such a way as if to say there was no other way  
ex #1013   これはどんな風に持ったらいいんですか?  
How should I hold this?  
ex #1014   こんな風に持って下さい 
Please hold it like this  
ex #1015   あんな風に運転していたら、きっと事故に会うよ。  
If he keeps driving like that he will definitely have an accident  
ex #8159   こんな風にやりなさい。 
Do it (in) this way .  
ex #8160   それはこんな風に起こった。 
This is the way it happened.  
ex #8161   こんな風にそれをしたのですか 
Is this the manner (in which) you did it?  
ex #8714   彼は嫌がらせのことをするという風に、俺に示唆した。  

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MikiAs for the thrird example, 持って下さい。is correct. 
bamboo4In the first example, you have to add "He shook his head" at the beginnig of the sentence. 
yookosoIT seems I have often heard "ko iu fuuni" - is this the same as "konna fuuni"? Maybe spoken vs. written?  
lucienwhy not jiko wo okosu in example #1015? thx 
Miki#1015 kanji is different. 事故に遭う.
あんな風に運転していたら、きっと事故を起こすよ。is also ok. If he keeps driving like that he will definitely invite an accident.
bamboo4Yes, "konna fuuni" is more colloqual. 
JitiIs 'fuuni' same as 'youni'? 
Mikiyes. but you cannot always replace 'fuuni' with 'youni'. 

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