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〜が早いか ([〜がはやいか] )(gahayaika)
    Meaning: as soon as 〜するや否(いな)や。〜するとすぐに。
    Example: As soon as the President arrived
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Basically the same as ‘ya inaya’ and ‘nari’ but ‘ga hayai ka’ indicates that the speaker was waiting for something to happen. 
[接続] : [動詞ー辞書形 / た形] + が早いが 

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ex #4378   社長が会議室に入ったがはやいか、早速会議が始まった。 
As soon as the company president entered the meeting room, the meeting started.  
ex #4743   その朝彼がキッチンに入って来るがはやいか、彼女は彼と些細なことで口論を始めた。 
As soon as he came into the room in the morning, she got into a shouting match with him over the most trivial thing.  
ex #5303   その力士はまわしを取るが早いか、相手を投げ飛ばした。 
As soon as the sumo wrestler snared the front of the opponent's sash, he tumbled him onto the ground.  
ex #6403   新刊を出版したのですが、出版するが早いか腹を立てた人から手紙が届き始めました。 
We put a new book out, but the second it was published we started to get letters from angry people.  
ex #6672   ことによるとあの女は、私が太刀打ちを始めるが早いか、人の助けでも呼ぶために、藪をくぐって逃げたかもしれない。 
It's possible that as soon as I started the sword fight, that that woman ran slipped into the grove and ran to call for help.  
ex #7022   言うが早いかやってしまった。 
No sooner said than done.  
ex #7023   ベルが鳴ったが早いか、生徒たちは教室を飛び出して行った。 
As soon as the bell rang, the students left the classroom.  
ex #7230   弟は晩ごはんを食べ終わるが早いか宿題をし始めた。 
As soon as my younger brother finishes dinner he starts his homework.  
ex #7231    

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blabbyThis can mean "ほとんど同時に" and as said by DC, usually you are waiting for something. School bell, starters pistol at a race, announcement of the winner, etc. 
bamboo4やいなや meaning "almost as soon as" is normally used and the use of が早いか in the examples is kind of stroange.

We normally use it in such sentence as 聞くが早いか、あいつは飛び出していった。

nazonatte69ex. 4703での「キッチン」と書いてある件ですが、その代わりに、台所を変えて、英語の説明では「kitchen」を変えるのはどう思いますか? 

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