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がたい [がたい] (gatai)
    Meaning: Vm, ~ difficult to
    Example: hard to understand
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Implies that something is so difficult that it can't be done. For something that's just really difficult to do it's better to use 〜にくい or 〜づらい.

Also, the verbs it's used as a pair with are pretty limited. Here are a few more:
賛成しがたい, but 反対しがたい you absolutely can't say.

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ex #219   その景色の美しさは筆舌に尽くしがたい 
The beauty of the scenery is hard to describe  
ex #3158   抑え難い衝動 
An un controllable urge.  
ex #3162   人生にはおうおうにして即決し難い事柄に出くわすことがあります。 
In one's life, there are occasionally situations where it is difficult to make on-the-spot decisions.  
ex #6022   この勝負は白黒つけがたい 
It's hard to decide who the winner of this match is.  
ex #6023   彼女は,とてもえらくなってしまって、近寄りがたい 
She's become diffiult to approach since being promoted to her new high position.  
ex #6024   彼が宝くじで1億円当てたなんて、すぐには信じがたい話だ。 
He won Y100,000,000 in the lottery? I find it hard to believe such a story.  
ex #6913   これは正解ではないが、間違っているとも言いがたい 
This isn't the right answer, but I can't say it's a mistake either.  
ex #6914   日本に来て色々と得がたい経験をした。  
Since I've come to Japan, I've had a lot of valuable experiences (hard to get experiences).  
ex #6915   あんな気の弱そうな人が "人殺し”なんて信じがたい 
I can't believe such a timid person could be a murderer.  
ex #6916   親が子を、若者が老人を虐待するような犯罪は許しがたい 
Parents who abuse children or young people who abuse the elderly, those types of crimes I/we can't forgive (excuse).  
ex #8167   彼女が1等をとったなんて信じがたい 
It is incredible that she should have won the first prize.  

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AmatukaFirst example : Lit. "The beauty of the scenery is hard to express completely." 
AmatukaKanji 難い 
AmatukaFormed from Verb -masu base + gatai
Vm - Verb -masu base
ExrulezI've noticed that the verbs that tend to use GATAI are pretty scarce so is there a time when this grammar point should be used or can it be used for anything without any problems? 
bamboo4By definition, 難い means "difficult" so that it is associated with things that has problems to begin with.
LeslieWould something like 「今夜早く暗くなって道が見難い」be something you say or write (or be quite possibly neither)? 
anonFirst of all, 見難い is read as minikui here. This is used in conversation and writing. But in writing, 今夜は is better in this sentence.
If you meant "something-gagai", we use it in both cases as well but the sentence sounds rather formal in speaking.
ArmaCommon examples:

bamboo4The word pattern "...し難い" can produce many examples.
theWondererSee also "nikui"? 
angelitosh2004〜がたい suggests that is extremely difficult or nearly impossible to do. It is often used with words such as shinjiru (to believe), taeru (to endure),rikaisuru (to understand), eru (to obtain), suteru (to discard), and hanareru (to be seperated from), and refers to mental activity instead of actual deeds. For example, sutegatai implies that one finds it difficult to part with a memory or one is attached to. 

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