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げ [げ] (ge)
    Meaning: Ab, seems (〜そう)
    Example: seems fun
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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When using this grammar with an adjective or verb, you can only use those that express emotions or feelings of the heart. For example, うれしげ、悲しげ、楽しげ、不安げ、自信ありげ. 
いA(take off い)+げ


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ex #221   とても寂しな表情で笑う。 
He smiled with a very lonely looking expression..  
ex #771   あの子供は楽しだね? 
Those kids seem happy don't they?  
ex #3161   おとながない。 
Not worthy of a man of age.  
ex #4722   彼は得意な顔で、みんなに新しいカメラを見せた。 
With a proud face, he showed everyone the new camera.  
ex #5822   彼は寂しに一人で公園のベンチに座っていた。 
He,like a lonely person, was sitting on a bench in the garden.  
ex #6087   遠足に来た子供たちが楽しにお弁当を食べていた。 
The children that came on the hike seemed to be happily eating their boxed lunches.  
ex #6554   彼は何か言いただった。  
He looked like he wanted to say something.  
ex #6555   あの人はさびしな目をしている。 
That person has a lonely look in his eye.  
ex #7042   そのニュースを聞いたら、彼は嬉しになった。 
He seemed very happy when he heard that news.  

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AmatukaGenerally used with i adjectives for feelings / emotions. 
AmatukaFormed from Adjective base + ge (e.g. i-adjectives lose final i)
Ab = Adjective Base
ExrulezIs there a げ used for N adjectives?  
Mikibamboo4, I thought 大人げない is a good example but is this irregular? This is different from others. 大人げ is always followed by ない. 大人げ が ない or 大人げない. 
srobertsonI'm not sure, but I'd guess 大人げない follows a similar pattern to 何げない、さりげない、すげない etc., rather than following this grammar pattern. Adjectives combined with げ inflect as ーな adjectives. 大人げない doesn't seem to work that way. 
angelitosh2004〜げcan be used for i- and na-adjectives 

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