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ご謙遜を [ごけんそんを] (gokensonwo)
    Meaning: don't be modest
    Example: don't be modest
    JLPT Level: 0
    Author: Dom

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ex #7285   どうかご謙遜をなさらないで下さい。  
Please don’t be modest.  
ex #7322   ご謙遜をする必要はありません。 
No need to be modest.  
ex #7352   ご謙遜をあなたはすばらしい成果をあげましたよ。  
Don't be so modest , you make a respectable showing.  
ex #7405   ご謙遜を。あなただってたくさん働いているじゃないですか。 
Don't be modest. You also work too hard.  
ex #7411   ご謙遜を。あなたほど歌が上手に歌える人はいない。 
on't be modest. Nobody can sing like you.  
ex #7448   ご謙遜をしないで。君の作品は素晴らしい。  
Don't be modest. Your work is good.  
ex #7450   ご謙遜を。誰もあなたを倒せやしませんよ。 
Don't be modest. No one can beat you.  
ex #7468   ご謙遜を。みんなあなたがいい人だとわかっています。  
Don't be modest. Everyone knows that you are a good person.  
ex #7484   私が思うに、あなたは先生方にご謙遜をするべきだ。 
I think that you should be modest our theachrs.  
ex #7606   彼はご謙遜をして...と言った。 
He said... humbly .  
ex #7659   ご謙遜をしないでください 
Please don't say modest.  
ex #7702   ご謙遜を。あなたはとても良い人ですよ。  
Don't be modest.You are very nice guy!  
ex #7720   ご謙遜を。あなたも美しいです 
Please don't be modest. You are too beautiful.  
ex #7737   あなたはあの方に対してもっとご謙遜をしてください。 
You should not be modest to the man.  

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    Domex #7278 is very sounds like English. What does the English sentence mean? 
    DomEnglish grammar or errors in
    ex #7282, ex #7345, ex #7352, ex #7403, ex #7405, and ex #7407. Could the contributors kindly correct the English in these examples.

    Domex #7419 あなたはあの方に対してもっとご謙遜をしてください。 you should not be modest for the man.
    The Japanese sentence means the opposite of the English sentence!
    Domex #7432 and ex #7433 seem to be part of the same example. Is this a dialogue? If so it should be re-written so that it is easier to understand.

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