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ご心配なく [ごしんぱいなく] (gosinpainaku)
    Meaning: do not worry
    Example: do not worry
    JLPT Level: 0
    Author: Dom

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ex #7498   大丈夫? - ご心配なく、大丈夫です。 
Do you feel all right? - Don't worry . I'm OK.  
ex #7516   私のことはご心配なく 
Don't worry about me.  
ex #7529   ご心配なく 
Don't worry about it.  
ex #7537   これは私が何とかしますので、ご心配なく 
I will handle this. So, don't worry.  
ex #7556   細かい点は私たちが詰めますからご心配なく 
We sweat the details so you don't have to.  
ex #7574   もし、コンピューターが使えなくても、ご心配なく 
If you can not use a computer, don't worry.  
ex #7590   私のことはご心配なく。もう大丈夫です。 
on't trouble yourself about me. I'm all right.  
ex #7624   ご心配なく。なんでもすぐできるようになります。 
Don't worry. You will be able to do everything soon.  
ex #7664   ご心配なく、私は元気です。 
Don't worry. I'm fine.  
ex #7729   私のことはご心配なく 
on't worry about me.  
ex #7731   ご心配なく。今日の気分は良いです。 
on't worry about me.I am fine today.  
ex #7734   これは安全なのでご心配無く。  
This is the safety, so you don't worry.  
ex #7735   これは安全なのでご心配なく 
This is the safety, so you don't worry.  
ex #7746   私が何とかするのでご心配なく 
Don't worry. you make it through all right thanks to me.  

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