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はかどる (捗る) [はかどる] (hakadoru)
    Meaning: Make progress
    Example: Making progress in one's work
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: bamboo4

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ex #1105   仕事がはかどってるようですね 
Looks like you are making progress in your work.  
ex #3192   どの程度はかどっているのですか? 
How much progress are you making?  
ex #3959   あの人は学校の勉強のほうははかどっているのですか。 
How is getting along with his school work?  
ex #3960   仕事は非常にはかどっている 
The work is marching right along.  

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bamboo4はか means the results from one's efforts - see はかない.はかどる therefore takes the results of your efforts in making progress. 
dcI wonder if this is really JLPT level 3? 
anonthis is an interesting phrase, but is this a grammar construct, or vocabulary I wonder? 
EthanolMaybe as bamboo4 said before that haka is the result from one's effort, then haka+toru (take the result) becomes hakadoru which resulted to the meaning "making progress"... 
sambokiI am not sure about the connection b/n はかどる/はかない. 捗る(はかどる)-JPLT1 vocab (Kanji) / 儚い(はかない) - JPLT1 vocab (no kanji). It seems this may simply be Lev.1 vocab rather than grammar? 
Bakurosaretagood word but it's vocab. The meaning of surrounding word constructs do not change based on it. 

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