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儚い [はかない] (hakanai)
    Meaning: hopeless, fleeting, transient, fickle
    Example: Unrequited (hopeless) love
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: bamboo4

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ex #1103   はかない 
Unrequited love  
ex #1104   はかない人生 
Ephemeral life  
ex #6398   儚いお花の美しさ 
The transient beauty of flowers  
ex #6513   それははかない夢だった  
It was only an empty dream.  
ex #6514   はかない努力  
vain efforts  
ex #6515   はかない幸せ  
fleeting [ephemeral] happiness  
ex #6516   はかない喜び  
transient [short-lived] joy  
ex #6517   このはかない人生  
this transitory [evanescent] life  
ex #6518   宝くじに庶民ははかない望みをかける  
The common people hope against hope that they might win in a lottery.  

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bamboo4はかmeans the results gained from your efforts. はかない therefore means that no results were gained despite your efforts.
KotatsuSamaisn't it strange how 儚い looks very similar to 夢 hehe (Allusion to ラブひな)
AyumiWait, isn't "unrequited love" 迚諤昴>? 
AyumiSorry if you can't read that. It should say "kataomoi". 
Xepobamboo4: Are you sure about はか meaning "the results gained from your efforts"? I searched wwwjdic for it, and couldn't find anything. Plus, if 儚い 
XepoGrr, sorry, hit enter too early. If 儚い is the はかない that this article is speaking of, then how would you write はか? 
*my japanese isnt very good but isnt there another meaning to hakanai... like shooting star or soemthing? 
EvilKyraAnother definition for hakanai「儚い」is 'fleeting; transient; short-lived;'...
added an example with that usage.
shiho-chan片思い Is unrequited love isnt it? 
a passing love (short-lived love)

A life in vain

People hope in vain they'll win the lottery.
The transient beauty of flowers

shouldn't this be お花の儚い美しさ?
epeenSurely this is just vocabulary not grammar? 

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