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はともかく [はともかく] (hatomokaku)
    Meaning: leaving A aside, A is good, but B is another thing
    Example: price aside, its great.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Aはともかく、( Bは良い)
  = leaving aside A (B is good)
  = A is another thing but B is great.

usually it is used for two contrasting things.
  A hatomokaku B ha ii
  = A is bad but B is good.

  The taste is another thing, but the price is good

But this can also be used just for asides
  setting aside the question of expense
kuroi kaoiro wa tonikaku, kare wa shinsetsu na hito desu

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ex #192   あの店は雰囲気はともかく味はいい。 
at that restaurant the taste is good but the atmosphere is another thing.  
ex #1207   いつにするかはともかく、どこにしましょうか? 
Leaving aside the date, where shall we do it?  
ex #1611   冗談はともかく、頭が痛いのなら医者にみせるべきだ。 
Joking apart, you ought to see a doctor about your headache  
ex #5809   私は話すことはともかく、 書くことは苦手だ。 
Setting aside the speaking ability, writing is my weak area.  
ex #8178   数学はともかく、テストはまあまあだった。 
Setting math aside, the results of the tests were not so bad.  
ex #8720    

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Amatuka'tomotaku' (ともかく) is also used apart from は ともかく. For example at the start of sentences meaning "at any rate" 
Miki頭脳 zunou is brain, not headache. headache is 頭痛 zutsuu. 
dcともかく = とにかく ?
anyway, ... blah blah
dc頭脳 zunou is brain >> but we dont tell people in english to see someone about their brain. if they need that instruction, usually they are too far gone to listen!
miki > what is the unliteral meaning?
dc>> For example at the start of sentences
I'm not sure about that or if you're getting confused with tonikaku
dcIs this always used where the first thing is bad? eg can you just use it for an aside
Leaving aside the dates, where shall we do it?
MikiIf Englis comes first, Japanese translation would be
Miki日時はともかく、どこにしましょうか? is ok.
(月日 is not used in this kind of sentence.)
MikiBad thing can comes after ともかく。 
bamboo4日時はともかく、どこにしましょうか?is weird. It should be something like, いつにするかはともかくとして、どこにしましょうか 
Mikibamboo4 is right in a way. What I meant by 日時 is more specific date and time. I use both expressions in daily life. 
your namedc, as for headache and 頭脳, I don't know unliteral meaning of headache if it literally means brain.
bamboo4, if you have any idea, pls help.
dcI think you mean universal. unilateral is more like "The US unilaterally decided to invade North Korea" 
Mikihmm Which did you mean,"universal" or "unilateral"?
Whichever it is I have no idea. 医者に行ったほうがいいのは、頭痛がするからでしょう? 頭痛の原因を診てらったほうがいい is closer to what you meant??
dcoops, above i wrote un-literal - as in not Literal.
Unilateral is a small spelling difference!
bamboo4If you meant "you should get your head examined," that would be 医者に頭をみてもらえよ
If you meant "you should get a doctor to see about your headach," that would be: 頭が痛いのなら医者に言った方がいい.
In any event, scrap 君の頭脳は医者にみせるべきだ.

bamboo4Sorry, 言った方がいい should be corrected to read 行った方がいい. 
bamboo4Changed the 2nd example.
Mikiともかく can be replaced with さておき 
MikiPls see sorehasateoki 
CrayonShinIn response to a partner's statement you can use 'それはともかく..' to mean 'Setting that aside....'
In my English I would say 'yeh but..'
karekanoI was going to include some examples but, in most cases, tomokaku could be translated as ”in any case", "at any rate" or "just" and I was not sure if this examples were right for this entry...  

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