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ほどだ; ほどの ([ほどだ; ほどの] )(hododa; hodono)
    Meaning: almost/nearly; to the point of; like that; such as that くらい; くらいの
    Example: The doors almost don't close.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: rubyhatchet

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*This grammar expresses a high degree of something.

N + ほど
V(plain form) + ほど
いA + ほど
N1 + ほどの + N2
V(plain form) + ほどの + N
いA + ほどの + N

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ex #6448   山から流れてくる川の水は冷たくて、手を入れると痛いほどだった 
The river water flowing out of the mountain is cold and when you put your hands in, it's nearly painful.  
ex #6449   ラッシュの電車はとても込んでいますよ。ドアが閉まらないほどです 
Rush-hour trains are really crowded. The doors almost don't shut.  
ex #6450   その子は大人もびっくりするほどの作品を仕上げた。 
That child completed a work so surprising that it surprises even adults.  
ex #8180   そのロープは長さが5メートルほどあります。 
The rope is about five meters long.  
ex #8181   旅は5時間ほどかかるでしょう。 
The trip will take about five hours.  
ex #8182   彼は200万円ほども手に入れた。 
He earned some two million yen.  
ex #8183   彼は歩けないほど弱ってはいなかった。 
He was not so weak (that) he could not walk.  
ex #8728   喋れないほどびっくりした。 
I was astonished that I could not talk.  

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    Mikiex#6449 ドアが閉ま"ら"ないほどです。is correct. 
    rubyhatchetFixed. ^_^ 
    bisdakWould "ラッシュの電車はドアが閉まらないほど込んでいますよ。"be okey? 
    karekanoI`m not sure if my examples are correct, sometimes it is so tough to understand the nuances... If they are wrong, please tell me and I will move them to their right place :D 
    DrJonesKarekano examples are not in the right place. They should be in the hodo JLPT 3 entry.  

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