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ほかない [ほかない] (hokanai)
    Meaning: nothing else to do but...
    Example: nothing else to do but stay in bed
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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*In (より)ほかない、the より is optional.
*Alternative grammar includes: 〜(する)しかない and 〜以外に方法がない.

V(plain form) + (より)ほかない

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ex #241   もはや、盧武鉉(ノ・ムヒョン)大統領の再信任を問う国民投票に進むほかない。それが好ましいからではなく、その他の途が閉ざされているからだ。 
Already there is nothing else but to proceed with a national referendum for a vote of confidence in Prime Minister No Muhyon. This route is not taken because [we] want to, but because there is no other alternative available - that  
ex #829   風邪をひいた。暖かくして寝るよりほかない。 
I have a cold, so there is nothing else to do but stay warm and sleep.  
ex #1348   勉強するよりほかない 
nothing else to do but study  
ex #3223   本当のことを言うよりしかたなかった 
I had no alternative but to tell the truth  
ex #3372   政府は他の歳入源を考え出すほかない 
The Administration cannot but look for alternative sources of revenue.  
ex #3373   彼らは計画全体をあきらめるよりほかないと意見が一致している。  
They agree that they have no choice but to give up the whole plan.  
ex #6446   雪のため、新幹線が駅と駅の間で止まってしまった。乗客はじっと車内で待つよりほかない 
The shinkansen stopped between stations due to snow. The passengers had nothing to do but patiently wait inside the train.  
ex #6447   台風で家が押し流された。人々はどうすることもできず、じっと見ているほかなかった。 
Houses were washed away because of the typhoon. People could do nothing but helplessly and quietly watch.  
ex #7167   雨が降っているので、残念だが今日の遠足は延期するほかない. 
unfortunately,it's raining today.nothing else to do but the trip has postponed.  

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MikiThe second example implies there is nothing else to do.
I think "nothing better to do than to stay warm and sleep >> 暖かくして寝るより やりよう/しょう がない。
AmatukaInteresting. Not sure what the より is doing in the second example then. Anyway example check to +1.  
MikiAs for the first example, it was picked up exactly from an article but the end of the sentence is a bit weird for me. As an example, it would be better to delete そうだ in the end. →その他に道がないために。 
dcwhen there is a yori in the phrase does it imply "better" as in nothing better?

勉強するほかない = nothing to do but study

勉強するよりほかない = nothing better to do than study

MikiI think your understanding is correct. 
wynnej2As far as I understand this has a very similar meaning although somewhat stronger>>
Would this be correct?
StayGoldThe use of より makes the phrase more formal. See Dictionary of Advanced Japanese grammar yori/no hoka (ni) (wa) nai (pg 734) 
karekanoEx #3223 is missing ほかない。。。 

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