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一度〜たら [いちど〜たら] (ichido-tara)
    Meaning: once
    Example: once you start, you have to finish
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: admin
    Author: dc

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ex #2994   一度決めたら、やれるところまでやった方がいい。 
Once you've decided to do it, you should go as far as you can.  
ex #2995   私の日本語の先生は一度言ったら、テストの日程は絶対に変えない 
Once my japanese teacher says the date of the test, she never changes it.  

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Mikiex#2994 we usually say やれるところまでやった方がいい。 
SurfWho founded Ichido-tara ? 
bamboo4What does it mean? 一度やったら? 
Ludii think 一度やったら simply means "once you've done"
一度〜たら = 一旦 (or 一度)〜したからには
example: 一旦契約を結んだからには、それを破ることは簡単にはできない。
Once you've made a contract, you can't break it simply.
>>cf. karaniha
tigertichido 〜tara is a combination of the word 一度 which is a 1 plus the counter for occurences and the causative tara form meaning if

which equals if (you) V 1 time, S2 I

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