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いかに〜ても [いかに〜ても] (ikani-temo)
    Meaning: no matter how
    Example: no matter how smart you are...
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: admin
    Author: dc

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ex #2990   いかに下手な英語でも、一生懸命話せば相手も分かってくれる 
no matter how bad your english, if you really try hard to talk then maybe they will understand you.  
ex #2991   いかに頭がよくても努力をしなければならない。 
no matter how smart you are, you still have to try your best.  

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Mikiex#2991 it should be 努力(どりょく) instead of 動力(どうりょく). …努力(を)しなければならない。
いかに can be reaplced どんなに in thses examples.
starsandseaThere are other question words that can also be used in place of いかに and どんなに, like
いくら、何度、だれが、and 何を.

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