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いかんによらず [いかんによらず] (ikanniyorazu)
    Meaning: without regard to
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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〜いかんによらず = 〜いかんにかかわらず 
          = 〜いかんを問わず

意味 :〜がどうであるかに関係なく
What is the difference between 名詞+を問わず and 名詞+の+いかんを問わず? 
Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p40 - no.35 
Ref # A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p128 (Key sentence D) 

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ex #5472   理由のいかんによらず、殺人は許されないことだ。 
Regardless of the reason, murder is unforgiveable  
ex #5473   国籍のいかんを問わず、採用試験を受けることのできる自治体が増えている。 
The number of municipalities where one can take the employment test regardless of nationalty is increasing.  
ex #7917   納入した学費は理由いかんに関わらず返却しません。 
The tuition and fees you have paid will not be returned, no matter what the reason.  
ex #7918   このコンテンツの複製は方法、媒体いかんを問わず禁止されている。 
Copying the content is prohibited, regardless of the method or the medium.  

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This means "no matter what reason there is."
Usually, Japanese people say "理由が何であろうとも" instead.
Miki"理由が何であろうとも" would be used especially in speaking. In written form, "いかんにもよらず" is often seen. 
sambokiA better translation for #5473 is "The number of municipalities where you can take the employment test regardless of nationalty is increasing. 
LR@nikonniko Same meaning, different usage - as with a LOT of grammar. 名詞+を問わず is a straight forward easy to use phrase, appropriate for most language situations.
名詞+の+いかんを問わずis more formal, appropriate for written language, archaic?
LRThere are loads more examples over at ikan where the entries are kind of 混ぜている. 

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