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一方だ [いっぽうだ] (ippouda)
    Meaning: increasing tendency
    Example: the number of people with mobile phones is increasing
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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This expresses the tendency for somethign to continue to increase in number, frequency, or prevelance. 
Appears at the end of a sentence (unlike the other "ippou"s). Often appears with naru/fueru/heru/agaru...or other verbs showing increases/decreases. 
(lucinda lohmanoota)

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ex #206   携帯電話を使う人の数は増える一方です 
the number of people with mobile phones is increasing.  
ex #4583   本屋で英語関係の本を見つけると、次々に買っていますが、読まずにいるので、溜まる一方です。 
I always buy the English-language books I come across at bookstores. But since I never read them, all they do is pile up.  
ex #4584   物価は上がる一方だ。 
Prices go on rising.  
ex #7172   近ごろ国際交流がますますさかんになっている。外国文化の情報が増える一方だが、それは自分の国のことについて考えるきっかけにもなったいる. 
In recent times, cross-cultural exchange has been becoming more and more popular. Knowledge about foreign cultures is continuing to increase, but this also provides a chance to reflect on one's own country.  
ex #7272   アメリカに帰って以来、日本語が使えないので、忘れる一方で困っている。 
Since returning to America I have been unable to use Japanese so I am gradually forgetting it.  
ex #8188   彼の体重は増える一方だ 
His weight increases steadily.  

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    AmatukaIt's a bit stronger than that I think. Implies it's "up all the way" "no sign of slowing / switching direction" etc. 
    EvilKyrais the usage always vb(る)+一方? 

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