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居られない [いられない] (irarenai)
    Meaning: cannot exist, not possible, can't afford to
    Example: don't have the time to
    JLPT Level: 1
    Author: godfrey

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居られない literally means "the tea drinking cannot exist." In English would be something like, cannot afford to do, is not possible, cannot be done. 

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ex #6308   お客様がそろそろお着きになって大変なので、のんびりお茶など飲んではいられない 
Guests are arriving soon and we will be very busy, so we won't be able to have a quiet cup of tea.  
ex #6736   眩しいというのは目をあけていられないほど光が強い様子だ。 
Dazzling is the state when light is so hard that you almost can't keep the eyes open.  
ex #6737   出かけたとき、外にいられないくらい風がつきささった。 
When we went out, we almost couln't stand the bite of the wind.  

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    赤毛I don't understand why ないではいられない is considered level 2 and いられない is considered level 1. 

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