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頂きます [いただきます] (itadakimasu)
    Meaning: to receive
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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see itadaku 
It is a polite receiving verb. Normally Japanese people would say "Itadakimasu" before a meal. Translated, it could be something along the lines of "Thank you for the meal".

However, as a verb itself, it can be attached to the 'te-form' of another verb to indicate appreciation. (Check out notes for giving and receiving verbs.)

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ex #3180   頂きます 
Bon appétit!  
ex #4585   お言葉に甘えてもう一杯頂きます 
If you insist I'll have another drink.  
ex #4586   コーヒーをやめて紅茶を頂きます 
I'd like to have tea instead of coffee.  
ex #6802   先生に辞書をいただきました 
I received a dictionary from the teacher.  
ex #6803   社員「すみません、あした用事があるので、仕事を休ませていただきたいんですが。」社長「あしたか。ちょっと急でこまるんだけれど。」 
Employee: "please, tomorrow I have things to do. Would you let me have a day off ?" Boss: "Tomorrow? It is pretty sudden and I am bothered..."  
ex #6804   火曜日、木曜日、土曜日にしていただけませんか。 
Would you mind do it on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday?  

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    bamboo4Would you like to change this into Grammar category?
    I think you should.
    赤毛I think this is level 3 of JPLT (instead of 2). 
    Is this sentence a bit rude with the やめて?I don't know so I was just wondering。I thought it had more of the conotation of quit/stop.

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