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頂く [いただく] (itadaku)
    Meaning: to receive (polite)
    Example: the mail I received today
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #3163   今日頂いたメールに基づいて、、 
based on the email I received today...  
ex #3164   頂きます 
For what we are about to receive (said before eating a meal, like "grace" in the west)  
ex #3167   社長は手紙をDCから弁護士に送って貰いたいのでしょうか? 
Would the President like DC to send the letter to the lawyer?  
ex #3981   あなたの許可を頂くべきだったでしょうか。 
Should I have asked your permission?  
ex #3982   お返事をお待ちしております。またお返事をいただくことにより、私どもはより効率よく会議の準備をすることができます。 
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dcwhere itadaku is to receive, I think itasu/itashimasu is the opposite, ie a polite way of saying something I give to someone 
your nameex#3167 It is possible to say 社長は、DCに手紙を弁護士に送って 欲しい or 貰いたい のでしょうか? When DC is ranked higher in a company than the speak and the listener, it is desirable to use 頂きたい with respect. 
your namedc,文章をクリックすると、翻訳ページに直結している!これは、すごいね、便利だね。(^-^)v 
dc特に外人にとっては便利 ^○^ 
bamboo4#3167 is weird. You want me to edit it? 
dcYes, please. When you are confident its correct, please change the "checked" dropdown to a +1 to greenlight the example... 
dcitadaku is the plain (dict) form of itadakimasu 
bamboo4I changed it, but it no longer belongs to this category of 頂きたい. 
dchmm, why would you use morau there instead of itadaku ? i was trying to include more biz usable examples 
bamboo4社長 need not use any honorifics to make DC to do something for him. If DC wants 社長 to do that, it's a different story.DCから社長に頼んで弁護士に手紙を送って頂くようにしたい would be okay. 
dcno, that phrase was DC asking the President what he wanted him to do. ie DC talking to the Prez. 
bamboo4In that case, you have to use 貰いたい.
babThis is level one? I don't believe it. 
Mikibab Please suggest what you think the level is if you don't think this is not the level one. 
致す/致しますis not the opposite of 頂く。Instead, it is a humble form of する。 
NickTbab is correct - This appears in JLPT level 3. 
mwhiteCan someone explain to me the rule behind requests in the form of, for example, お送りいただけませんか? 

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