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一体 [いったい] (ittai)
    Meaning: why, who, what on earth~
    Example: Why on earth did you do that?
    JLPT Level: 0
    Author: Dom

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ex #7299   いったいこれは誰の鉛筆ですか。 
Whose pencil is this anyway?  
ex #7320   一体どこに行ってたんだ? 
Where on earth have you been?  
ex #7332   一体全体それは何ですか? 
What in blue blazes is that?  
ex #7343   一体なぜ昨日来なかったのか?  
Why on earth didn't you come yesterday?  
ex #7351   一体どうしたんですか 
How on earth did you do?    
ex #7383   一体全体あれは何なんだ  
What, in the name of heaven, is that?  
ex #7393   あなたは一体なぜそんなことをするのですか? 
Why are you doing anyway?  
ex #7395   PSPって一体何だい? 
What on earth is a PSP?  
ex #7425   一体あの生き物は何なんでしょう?  
What on earth is that living thing?  
ex #7491   一体、これはどういう意味。 
What on earth does this mean?  
ex #7554   一体、私は何をすればいいの? 
What on earth should I do?  
ex #7705   ワシの入れ歯は一体どこじゃ? 
Where the hell are my dentures?  
ex #7719   Whose cell-phone is that anyway?  
ex #7721   この部屋で一体何があったの?! 
What was happen in this room?!  

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