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じゅう/ちゅう [じゅう/ちゅう] (juu/chuu)
    Meaning: throughout, through, during all
    Example: She cried all day.
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #883   彼女は一日泣いてました。 
She cried all day.  
ex #4996   その犬は一晩ほえ続けた。 
The dog kept barking all night.  
ex #4997   会議中(ちゅう)にお腹がグーグー鳴っていて困ったよ。 
My stomach started growling right there in the meeting. It was embarrassing.  
ex #4998   暖房無しで過ごした。 
I did without heating all through the winter.  
ex #4999   家内は海外旅行中(ちゅう)よく電話をかけてきた。 
My wife often rang me up during her travel abroad.  
ex #5000   私たちは夏休み中(ちゅう)ずっとそこでキャンプをした。 
We camped there through summer vacation.  
ex #6460   営業中 (ちゅう)  
Currently trading  
ex #6461   春休み中は、(ちゅう)旅行に行くつもりです。 
During spring break, I plan to go on holiday  
ex #6462   夏休み中(じゅう)テレビゲームばかりしていた。  
I did nothing but play games all Summer  
ex #6463   世界中(じゅう)のスポーツ選手が参加したがっている。  
Sports players from all over the world dream of attending  
ex #6645   インストール中にエラーが起きました。  
While installing (this software), an error has occurred (Lit: while installing, error has awoken/arisen).  

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    hanawhat are the rules for it being juu rather than chuu?  
    sekaiget_dominicI thought the rule was as follows:

    Chuu = indicates the continuation of an activity or a time period
    juu = indicates a space/time period without a break

    So 営業中 (chuu) indicates the activity of sales continuing. 春休み中 (chuu) indicates the period of time "Spring holiday"

    夏休み中 (juu) indicates the entire summer holidays.  

    世界中 (juu) indicates the entire world

    so to distinguish between the summer and spring examples above:


    The spring example defines a period of time and allows us to mention activities that will occur in that time etc.

    The summer example indicates that for the entire period of the summer holidays a single event occured.

    What's confusing me is that I thought Miki's summer holidays example should be (juu), because of the zutto. perhaps if the emphasis was more on the fact that the entire holiday had been taken up by camping, we could have used juu?

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