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〜か [〜か] (ka)
    Meaning: ? (basic question particle)
    Example: Is this your book?
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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か has many uses but it can be used as a question mark, just like what we have in English:

Did he eat dinner?

Did he go to Japan last year?

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ex #621   これはあなたの本ですか。 
Is this your book ?  
ex #4829   家に帰りましょうか。 
Why don't we go home ?  
ex #4830   ひとつ質問をしてもいいですか。 
May I ask you a question ?  
ex #8628   今日は鶏肉を買いました 
Did you buy chicken today ?  

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  • kke [dc]
  • dai    (か [e.g. with Vmます] (typical 'outgroup' question) だい [e.g. with Vru] casual question.) [Amatuka]
  • kai    (か [e.g. with Vmます] (typical 'outgroup' question) かい [e.g. with Vru] casual question.) [Amatuka]
  • no-3    (の is a question particle used in female speech.) [Amatuka]
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AmatukaN.B. Commonly name-san would be used in place of anata 
AmatukaPlaced on the end of a sentence.

S = sentence
I see question mark "?" after particle ka in several japanese writing on internet.
sandrabetter to romanize as {kore WA anata no hon desu ka}, as in this case it is a postposition and is pronounced as wa... 
PeteNotes has "rainen" (来年), maybe it should be "sakunen"? (昨年)
[Did he go to Japan last year?]

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