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〜かい [〜 かい] (kai)
    Meaning: ? (for casual questions)
    Example: You OK?
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: lesson
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #804   よく聞こえなかったけど、なんか言ったかい 
Didna really catch that, you say something ?  
ex #828   大丈夫かい?なんか様子がおかしいよ」と、ロンが言った。 
"You OK ? You look a little odd somehow," Ron said.  

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  • dai    (かい for yes/no questions, だい for other casual questions.) [Amatuka]
  • ka    (か [e.g. with Vmます] (typical 'outgroup' question) かい [e.g. with Vru] casual question.) [Amatuka]
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AmatukaTypical 'standard politeness' question ends in
ですか or Vmますか。(e.g. いますか。Are (you) in?)
Casual questions can omit the ? particle and use
tone. (e.g. 誰だ? Who is it?)
Alternatively だい and かい can be used.
The plain form with か is quite abrupt and rough.
AmatukaDidna = (northern) slang for 'Did not'. 
Amatukakai is used at the end of a sentence (well it is a sentence ending particle ;-)

S = Sentence
RichAmatuka, could you define northern? I was wondering about that when I saw it 
your namethats a term from 'blighty and means those folks who live in the north of the country. See Billy Bragg, and even further toward Scotland, Billy Connoly, more extreme "didnee" than "didna"... 
bamboo4HOw did we end up close to the Scotland border?
hawkenwouldn't it be easier to change it to "didn't"? Didna isn't a word 
sakana-rinwondering, is 'didna' accented slang? "'ain't" might then fit... 

Add "と、" in front of ロン.

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