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かなわない [かなわない] (kanawanai)
    Meaning: (I/he/she/....) can not stand.....
    Example: I can not stand the noise from ......
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: expandover

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We can use kanawanai with い-adj by dropping the I at the end of the い-adj and use くて
For な-adj we drop な and use で instead...

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ex #8130   隣の工場がうるさくてかなわない 
I can not stand the noise from the construction going on nest door.  
ex #8131   私の家は,駅から遠くて不便でかなわない  
I can not stand the inconvenience due to the fact my house is far from the station.  
ex #8201   3時間も待つなんてかなわない 
I can`t stand to wait for three hours.  
ex #8707   木に登ることにかけては、だれもこの人にかないません。  
"As for climbing trees, there wasn't anybody who can compete him."(or "...nobody can compete him")  

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    karekanoKanau has the meaning of match and compare too.  

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